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Attention to Detail

Products can exploit common cognitive biases to establish trust with the users, improve conversion rates, increase their users’ engagement level, and as a result, improve retention rates.

Users need more than that, and that’s exactly where cognitive biases can (and should) be used. Here is a quick reference on cognitive bias for everything you can do to make the designs more effective.


Product innovation slows after series-A

Innovation is such a fancy word particularly while hiring or even scaling design culture. However, the extent to which we can be innovative depends a lot of the product state, whether it is in validation stage, on traction, or expansion. Tomasz Tunguz says that product innovation stops after servies-A

The Welcome Page

The "Welcome Page" is your customers' first real interaction experience with whatever the brand had promised before or during the conversion either via emails, during the demo, or by social media posts.

Cindy Chang of Intercom explains
how we can be more strategic and prepared to use the Welcome page of a product, to make sure that customers get started on the right note.

Our Content, Their Life or Our Life?

"We live in an era where we are all, myself included, converting our meals and our hikes and marriage proposals into content for the rest of humanity." says Amanda Knox in this thought-provoking post on how she has gone through all things privacy, ordeal, bias, and strength to strength.

As Patrick Campbell calls it intense, via my tweet.


Urban Tech

Cities of future, our living in 2028, the transit and how our kids will use technology... these things always fascinates me. For the way we prepare ourselves for the cities of the future for mobility, smart buildings, and digital governance. Sidewalk Labs is one such organization who is committed to designing the future of cities, and here is another post in Urban Tech that is relevant to our work, in many ways. 

PS: I have even pitched for a smart city proposal, and I am volunteering for a SPACE10 project. Email me if you are interested to know more details.


Do you watch Netflix?

"Netflix’s content—its shows, movies, documentaries, and original series—is broken up into what is referred to internally as “micro-genres.”

With almost 80,000 of these classifications, Netflix has found a unique way to label and track its 5,087 titles." Yes, as this post by Woden Work says that it takes more than 80,000 tastes to build one Netflix.


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Mandatory Selling

As 8Knorks happens on 12 July 2019, in The Lalit, Chandigarh, we invite you to ask and discuss, and find answers for tough questions. 

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