Join us at the Outcome, a ux narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.

I enjoy driving my 8yo son to his school in the morning. Those fifteen minutes he enjoys listening to me in the car. (I shared the feeling in an email for Outcome 2019 too.)

While driving today, he noticed the low-fuel signal and somehow we entered into a discussion around how petrol is formed.

I explained to him how crude oil is formed (and hence a quick note on saving paper, to conserve trees and natural resources) and how it is processed in refineries to form petroleum.

"Just as we go to the school," he murmured.
"Sort of," I thought. 

And it just stopped the moment.


When I see my work that I was doing in 2008-2010, it was more like crude oil. I worked on a website content strategy project but I failed. The signs were clear that the oil needed refinery. For my own standards for the mileage.

Outcome 2020 can be that refinery for you.

Quick Exercise: Just take any FIVE random screenshots of your work in the last 30 days (anything, a design mockup, an email, a pitch, a roadmap), and sit alone for 10 minutes. See the frustrations you had if any with the code or instructions (to your team, or from your manager), the edit form, that error message, or the click rate in your emails. 

Is it crude oil that needs some processing for better mileage? 

Why not let it flow once via the pipes laid via the
Outcome tickets

Tickets for the Outcome 2020, a ux narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg
Tickets for the Outcome 2020, a ux narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg



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Outcome has partnered with AirCare, a tool that can help you understand this impact caused by your flights. The good part is that you CAN do something about it. Check out the announcement at the
Outcome website and take a minute to know your flights' impact on the climate.


Outcome partners with Thisten–an audio-to-text platform that transcribes conversations in real-time, on your device in your hand. Outcome 2020 will be accessible through live captioning on Thisten.

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Be there. 08 February 2020. Chandigarh

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