Chandigarh and UX Constraints

Being in Chandigarh teaches us to live in certain constraints.

No U-Turn. The STOP line at Zebra crossing. Permissions required to set up a canopy at public parking.

When at work, we need to ensure that we do not internalize such constraints.
  • For project managers, it is fine to take a U-Turn at an early stage of product for better designing practices. 
  • The programmers should not see beyond the point whether the browser renders the page correctly.
  • UI designers should have the right (within their org culture) to see HOW their design lives in the code
Would you rather live with these (self-imposed) constraints? OR, would you rather die with the feeling that you gave your best shot? 

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Constraints and Myths

I remember reading this pretty useful post by TNW. Myths are often induced by culture, community, or by the team itself. Constraints are mostly self-imposed - and you have a choice to take the U-Turn where you can afford to. There are no cops or administrators. We have only guides

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