The Benefit of Doubt

What is the hardest part of your work, in current or recent sprint?
- Design approvals
- Customer feedback
- Unstructured meetings
- Parking issues in your office facility (why not)

Tori Street asked this question
in a tweet today.

Interesting response by people. Even though that I own products for its design, marketability, message, and growth, most of the questions are raised when we do not question enough. I hate to give any benefit of doubt to anyone in the product team and so my response to Tori.

Now I am asking you - can you reply to this email to share what is the hardest part of your current project/sprint/month?

If you think that nothing is hard, I am giving you the benefit of doubt by inviting you to a buffet table, to identify the problems and possible solutions. A formal and focussed
product design dinner table, to clear off the dust. A Friday evening. Windy. July. Chandigarh.

PS: Here is a leak!

I was speaking to a Milan based client two hours back today and during my conversation, he told me that I sound like a strategy guy, and not a *rolling-up-the-sleeves* guy. Fair point. I asked him for one hour time for another call (I wanted to show him something via screens) and in our next call, he told me that now I sound like a *product guy*. 

Why? Because I spoke in the interest of the product success, with absolutely no benefit of doubt to their product team.

You got a chance. For INR 499 only.
If you have doubts on its worth, give yourself the benefit of doubt.

Vinish Garg

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