Hope. We hope that our work brings desired results. When we follow evidence based design practices (self-proclaimed or proud user research advocates), we genuinely hope that people use, and pay, and continue using our products. 

But hope is not a strategy, as Gotham Gal succinctly reminds me something I read a while back. Wishful thinking drives us but leaders need to be ultra careful when they hope. As Gotham says in a comment, hope is the key, but it is pointless with strategy.

Peter Morville, on Information

Peter Morville is a pioneer name in the IA/UX community. He co-founded IAInstitute (I was a paid member of IAInstitute in 2012-15 before I saw it diluting), and Jorge Arango hosts Peter in an immersive talk on information from a much wider perspective.

Wrong Side of Career

Recall an instance when the car in front of you is not giving you space to overtake. You blow horn, and get restless only to see while crossing it that the car has an 80 yo looking old man on driving seat. "Sorry uncle, I did not realize it.", is what we tell ourselves. Empathy. Compassion.

This is what works when a candidate with a criminal record appears for a job interview, as this video by Aeon says.


How do you prepare for a job interview when you have a criminal record?

Ideas and Market-Fit

"The weak version of a technology is often the more plausible, “immigrant” version of an idea. The stronger version will sound better to folks who are natives." says Andrew Chen in Dumb Idea Paradox

Andrew needs no introduction and his writings and talks often bring a new perspective for founders. 



Stance is an incredible collection for all-fashion socks. I remember a few years back a conference gifted Stance socks to select participants (contest winners or speakers or some segment of audience), and it was such a winning shot. See the collection and you may want to clean your socks-drawer this Sunday. 


Mandatory Selling

Either you agree or you disagree. In either case, you got a chance to reserve your seat on the 8Knorks table. Limited seats (only eight), and you got a chance be the design voice in the region. Commit to your personal brand, today.

What Else You Can Do

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