Outcome, a products UX narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg. February 2020.
I got an email yesterday where a VP design of a Bangalore based fintech asked me if I was open for a position in their product team. He mentioned that he found me via my Outcome promotions.

I wrote to him that the best way is to join me at the conference if that helps them either move forward or to move on. Isn't Outcome my product after all? :)

This conversation makes me feel like asking you something now:

If you have a role for me in a product, would you invite me for a discussion? Why or why not? I completely understand that we have not entered into the hiring stages, but considering Outcome as a part of my portfolio (the history, the research, the process, branding, and sales), would you invite me for the first round?

Hiring is not only about finding the right person. Hiring is also being in the right network at the right time.

Now think about spending 7+ hours with the following confirmed speakers on 08 Feb 2020:

- *
Adi Shanbhag (ICF Next, New York)
Bhavish Sood (Modulor Capital, Chandigarh)
- *
Dobrian Dobrev (Coca Cola, Bulgaria)
Harjeet Gulati (MilliPixels, Chandigarh)
Samartha Vashishtha (Expedia Group, Gurgaon)
- *
Simone Ehrlich (Workday, California)
Sumit Rampal (Express KCS, Gurgaon)
- More to come...

- and, the participants from PTC, Citi, Hoolime, Thisten, GreyB, Trantor, AurionPro, and many more product teams!

* special thanks to international speakers

You cannot develop or scale a product or an agency without hiring at least a few A-players to lead different teams. Join us at the Outcome!

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Tickets for Outcome, a ux narrative design conference in Chandigarh. By Vinish Garg.

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