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A special issue for these unusual times.
Dear readers:

Above all, I wish you peace, good health, some kind of normalcy to your days. 

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This month's blog roundup I hope you'll find relevant to wherever your mindset is:

  • You’re going stir crazy: This blog is about ways to reflect on why you may be stir crazy and improving the parts of your life you’ve built, if there are parts you’re not loving.
  • You’re starting to think about takeaways. But what sort of framework can you use when we don’t know a lot about “next.”
  • What could the meaning of this period be for you?
  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • How to find stability in your days.

Avoiding A Work Task or Conversation? Check in with Your Feelings.

Avoidance. Procrastination. Putting it off. If you are avoiding a work task, call  or project for work/school, get quiet and check in with how you are feeling about the task. The answer to moving ahead lies there and here’s what to do. Think of one of those right now before you read on and you’ll […]

Read Avoiding A Work Task or Conversation? Check in with Your Feelings. on Coach Sue West's blog.

Motivation vs. Momentum

motivation and momentum

Forget motivation. Think “momentum.” I’ve borrowed this phrase from my work with clients who have ADHD, a brain based condition, because it can work for a lot of us these days, ADHD or not. Motivation comes from us internally. That takes a lot of internal awareness and control. You may not be there yet, or […]

Read Motivation vs. Momentum on Coach Sue West's blog.

Advice if Time Blocking Isn’t Working for You

“Time blocking”is praised by many productivity experts. Commonly the advice is 2 hour chunks of time, dedicated to a particular project, so you can move it forward. With many of us working from home, “chunking time” became more complex with home and work being done in the home for many people. Many people say time […]

Read Advice if Time Blocking Isn’t Working for You on Coach Sue West's blog.

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Coaching - Client comments

(used with permission)

Our work lived up to every word I had read on Sue’s LinkedIn profile. Someone who could see through my life and actions with great acuity. She was not only able to size up a situation or behavior with clarity, but was also able to help me identify triggers and therefore help me formulate useful and manageable solutions. In doing so, I now recognize situations before I get lost in them. Sue also helped me understand and identify my ADD/ADHD tendencies and behaviors thus helping me to recognize them now as I continue on. I went from feeling like I was going nowhere fast to realizing that I could in fact make progress and take control. She has my highest recommendation. Sue is the real deal! … If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whirlwind of disjointed efforts and details of your life, if you can only see forest and no trees, if you feel like you’re running but you’re not getting anything done, definitely give Sue a call. Take control. Do it.

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