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Sue WestTake Stock: 14 Questions to Appreciate How You’ve Grown This Year was how I ended 2014 with you. So often we move from one thing to the next, without acknowledging progress, or how we’ve grown, or what we have learned from our mistakes.
People said the article made them pause and think.

January though has this pressure real or perceived, as the new year, some sort of marker. Markers are fine because they should slow us down.

I could not let go of thinking I needed to provide you with the one, best column I could write. My Evernote was full of articles about positivity, what to do to create meaningful resolutions, what not to do and whether to create goals, themes, or intentions.

Two favorites I'll share: And yes, I am aware that I may have looked at so many ideas that I made the simple into complex; I do that sometimes as I search for inspiration or just the right solution. (A constant struggle for me.)

However, I would not have seen this article below, had I started writing sooner. Purposeful procrastination perhaps?

Wishing you whatever you need, to have the year you’re imagining!

P.S. If you aren’t clear on where you want to head or not clear on how to get there, please check in with me via email ( or call 603.554.1948. I might be able to support you and you won’t know unless you ask.



 “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.“

- William Shakespeare

"Close some doors today, not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere."

- Paulo Coelho


Re-situate Yourself

I wanted to write the perfect New Year’s article for you. Surprised to read the word "perfect?"  When I actually faced the page for January, even though I had ideas on my writing schedule … well, the page stayed blank for awhile. Sometimes, this actually works out best, though.

Because then I read this amazing HuffPost "Sophia" interview with Lalita Tademy. A new column, it’s about life lessons and wisdom from “fascinating people.”
These days, Lalita Tademy is a best-selling writer of historical sagas. She was a senior executive at Sun Microsystems tech company. She created this next chapter in her life, a more creative one, as she "left it all behind," the big corporate career.

Big shifts. She also moved to working on her own, and even changed her community of the people she works and talks with to mostly creative individuals.

What did I find so inspiring? Check out this short excerpt I chose for you.
Risks. The one life that you have. Pivot. Find your footing. And later, she talks of “re-situating” yourself.”

Lalita was, before this big shift, on a  “perch” emotionally as well as financially. A perch, where everything seemed great.

I read "perch," and this picture came to mind.

That in-between place of "I know where I am now and there are one or two things I'd like to change. But how do I move without falling?

Lalita found that perching is also a place where perspective is possible. You can pivot, look around, see from afar and decide which way you will head.  (That’s partly what my coaching is about, stepping back, which we don’t often get to do in our busy, daily lives.)

On your perch, what do you see? Can you step back and see what you would like to sustain and what you would like to change?

If you pivot and view things slightly differently, what are your options at each path? (Think of a weathervane, moving in the wind, and the resulting perspectives.)

Difficult to answer these questions?

#1 Ask yourself: What could you do, in the “best of all possible worlds?” Forget about the “how” for a minute, all the obstacles, and stay with the ideal, to open up your thinking.
#2 Pretend you are someone else looking at your life. Not someone you know (who might judge you), but someone like Lalita, if her perspectives resonate with you. (Or pretend you’re me! It works, I’m told.)

Lalita’s opinion of so-called failures and regrets is that they are learning, curiosity and resituating opportunities. Or, they would be failures and regrets, if we did not learn from them. Definitely my philosophy.

A client recently commented that while it is important for us to know what we want and where we are headed, we also need to keep our eyes, ears and heart open to incorporate what we don't know or haven't learned yet. This could be a statement about learning or your higher power, however you define it; the tools don’t matter, so long as you have what is the right fit for you.
So, our “exercise plan” for 2015:
  1. Open up all your senses.
  2. Perch: Get clear on what you want more of and less of in your life. Who are you now? What is your business and life for? Are you fulfilling what you hope for? Start creating your path on how to get “there.”
  3. Pivot: If you feel stuck, pivot. Try on a different attitude, persona, or perspective. Try it on for a minute and see what might lead you out of the stuck place. Stare "stuckness" right in the eyes. There is a light in that brick wall, even if it is initially a tiny pinhole in the mortar.
  4. Re-situate: Plan your day, your intentions, or your path to your life’s purpose or your business focus ... and yet be open to change. Create rituals and routines to take care of the basics; some structure gives you more freedom and more creativity. My clients say this consistently.
  5. Keep track of your progress: How will you know that you’re closer to where you want to be? Decide this before you begin, or you won’t know you’ve arrived. If not possible, plan on occasional times to reflect on how far you’ve come.  If you feel as if you are failing at something, use our new definition: curiosity and learning. Progress won't happen if you move on too quickly without learning.
You may not lose pounds or inches with this exercise plan.

But I know that you will lose - and gain - in much more important, soulful ways. Go find your footing.

What resonated for you? What will you experiment with? Read the full interview here and see what you think. Let me know your thoughts by email or on my social media sites. And if you enjoyed my newsletter article, please share!

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