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A special issue for these unusual times.
Dear readers:

First, I'd like to highlight that if you need 20 minutes to figure out which end is up, where to start or how to sort out what you're dealing with, you're welcome to email me at or text 603‑765‑9267. I have always offered this but these are tougher than usual times.
My time, wisdom, experience are what I have to offer you. So if you're not already working with me or haven't in awhile and need some time, simply ask. There is NO discussion of pricing; this is just to talk and get you started, sorted out or whatever you need. If you ask about pricing, I'll give it to you. If you don't, then we'll have solved your issue in our 20 minutes and you're good to go.

This month's blog roundup I hope you'll find relevant:
  • One article is about couples suddenly working together, in this crisis when we're all a bit ... out of sorts .... and working at home together. How do you make that work? We've done it here ourselves several times before so have experience to share, plus my work with coaching clients has added to this.
  • Another article is inside my office and talks about the use of my Time Timer, plus I share ideas I've learned from clients over the years. I've found that especially lately, people are getting distracted by their thoughts, feelings, anxiety, kids, dogs, cats .... the timer helps.
  • Appreciation and limits for These Times is the longest article. Here, from experience, I share the usual 3 stages: (1) crisis (2) recalibrating (just after the crisis) and (3) as we  move through this. The last is to encourage you to consider lessons learned, even though this is not over; but by the time it's over, as humans, we naturally race forward and forget to look back. 

Appreciation and Limits for These Times

Assume that our physical distancing and staying or working at home could continue for awhile. I wanted to share some appreciation ideas and also limits to protect your psyche and your time. You might think of our situation in this way: Crisis When my dad had a heart attack and quadruple bypass within 3 days […]

Read Appreciation and Limits for These Times on Coach Sue West's blog.

Inside my Office: Uses for the Time Timer

This is my best friend, my Time Timer. This is one of only two products I consistently recommend to clients. We are all wired so differently – how our brains work, how we stay motivated, how we get started or finish tasks – that recommending products is complicated. However, the this works for so many […]

Read Inside my Office: Uses for the Time Timer on Coach Sue West's blog.

You’re Both Working at Home: Tips for Making it Work Well

work from home together

You’re both working your jobs/careers at home. It was hard not getting distracted when it was just one of you and now there are two! Here are discussion questions and suggestions to figure out how to successfully set up and work in your new situation. What kind of daily work do you do? Imagine you’re […]

Read You’re Both Working at Home: Tips for Making it Work Well on Coach Sue West's blog.

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Coaching - Client comments

(used with permission)

Our work lived up to every word I had read on Sue’s LinkedIn profile. Someone who could see through my life and actions with great acuity. She was not only able to size up a situation or behavior with clarity, but was also able to help me identify triggers and therefore help me formulate useful and manageable solutions. In doing so, I now recognize situations before I get lost in them. Sue also helped me understand and identify my ADD/ADHD tendencies and behaviors thus helping me to recognize them now as I continue on. I went from feeling like I was going nowhere fast to realizing that I could in fact make progress and take control. She has my highest recommendation. Sue is the real deal! … If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whirlwind of disjointed efforts and details of your life, if you can only see forest and no trees, if you feel like you’re running but you’re not getting anything done, definitely give Sue a call. Take control. Do it.

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