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Self-Coaching Workbook. "You Are Not Your Adult ADHD."

*with or without assistance from Coach Sue West; choose what you need

You’re distractible or unfocused. Procrastination is common in your days.

You know you’re not getting enough done. And not as much as you know you could.

Your mind is way too busy, filled up with so many things.

Your spouse is frustrated with you because you forget things, not intentionally, but it sure looks that way. Your manager and you are not on the same page and you don’t know what to do.

Follow-up? Consistency? You’d love to…. But it’s not happening.

You’re tired of it. You’ve done as much as you can and it’s still not enough.

You may know where you want to start but you don't know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. That’s your "before" and "after."

It’s possible. In small steps. Small, new habits or routines.

When you feel more confident that you can manage your days, your “to do’s,” and your projects, then it helps you believe that things really can be different. I see it every day when I work with people as their coach.

Now I’ve taken the four-step program I use with my coaching clients to create my new workbook: You Are Not Your Adult ADHD.

Change your morning routine so you're on time and not rushing in, all out of sorts. Go to sleep at a more regular time (whatever regular is to YOU) to wake up and be more productive. Be more on time to friends, work - everywhere. Deal with the paper piles and create your system. You want change to manage your ADHD symptoms, this workbook has my 15 years experience, advice, exercises and a tracking worksheet. Includes a 1/2 hour "jumpstart" call.

What you'll find inside

  • 15 practical, self-awareness exercises.
  • Spacious pages of advice, along with the exercises.
  • Your own chart to keep track of how you'll get from your "before" to your "after."
  • My favorite, go to resources for learning more.
If you’re not sure you can do this on your own, have tried something like this before, or would like an accountability partner or coach, you can have a little or a lot of my time with this.

Select the option that’s right for you.

  1. Buy the workbook. Work on your own.
  2. Buy the workbook PLUS one kick start call to get focused and ready to use the workbook.
  3. Partner with me, throughout your workbook experience. 4 calls. Accountability, deadlines, coaching or consulting.
Recently, officially diagnosed (Finally, you understand, right?). But now what? This workbook has exercises, advice from my 15 years working with people who struggle with ADHD, organization of time/tasks, and ourselves. Habits, routines, changes - be on time; have a schedule that works for your mind; get out the door and not rushed. Change a habit and you change who you are becoming.

This workbook is your roadmap to managing your days – your life – more easily, with less of a struggle than you do now.

Change a habit. Change a morning routine. Be on time.

Coaching - Client comments

(used with permission)

Sue understands adult ADHD! Recently diagnosed at age 51 and urgently wanting accountability and strategies, I could not have wished for a better coach. Sue’s breadth of knowledge really helped to sort out what does work – and much to my great relief – what does not work. She is fun, meets you right where you are at and her questions and suggestions are elegantly simple. Understanding how to create motivation, what saps it, and the conditions that I work best in is freeing and has been a real confidence-builder!

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Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization
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