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Peconic Bathtub

A "Summer of Discontent" in Long Island Waters

There were record numbers of fish kills, dead zones and toxic tides, intensified by summer heat, in Long Island’s estuaries in 2022, according to this year’s assessment of water quality by the Gobler Lab at Stony Brook University.

From June through September, “every major bay and estuary across Long Island was afflicted by fish kills, algal blooms and oxygen-starved, dead zones,” according to the report. “Excessive delivery of nitrogen from onsite wastewater has been cited as the root cause of these disturbing events.”

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East End


Greetings from the Exurbs

As massive lines of luxury cars again snake their way through the East End’s pumpkin patches this fall, we’ve been hearing many people lately puzzle over one big conundrum. How do we characterize the place where we live?

Growing up here among the potato and cauliflower fields, many of us were told by our teachers that we lived in a rural area. As children, it gave us a solid understanding of where we were, in a place that gave us vast swaths of open space, plentiful if monochromatic farms, but also the economic depression and cultural isolation so common in rural areas.

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Sag Harbor


All For The Fireboat

Have you ever experienced a situation in which your emotions have reached a point where they literally trigger a physical response within your own body; oftentimes manifesting as pain in one form or another? 

What we may not realize is that our mind is always the culprit that initiates this process, as it attempts to interpret the event at hand. It’s a concept referred to as “pain-body,” and is most closely associated with the teachings of Eckhart Tolle; the spiritualist and acclaimed author best known for his two celebrated works: “The Power of Now,” and “A New Earth.”

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Performing Arts 

Rollicking Horror? Boots on the Ground Has It In Store

There are plenty of excursions on the East End this October that are bound to scare you, but if the horror of the real world is too much, take heart, because the Boots on the Ground theater company is launching a new take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Jekyll & Hyde” story that promises to scare you silly.

“This farce is going to be a good time,” says director Mark Heidemann of “Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll & Hyde Play,” the horror farce the company is putting up at the Southampton Cultural Center Oct. 14 through Oct. 30. “It’s almost like farce is one step beyond ultra-scary. It just goes to being ridiculous.”

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