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East End Beacon Week in Review

After Two Options To Raise Money Fail, Riverhead Supervisor Promises an Ugly, Balanced Budget

It wasn’t pretty.

Riverhead Town could be facing a budget shortfall next year of up to $4 million, and two attempts to take extraordinary measures to balance the budget failed when the board met Wednesday night.  Read more...

What are East End governments doing?

Southolders Concerned About Mini-Hotels Popping Up in Their Neighborhoods

With more and more traffic en route to the vineyards and beaches of the North Fork each year, the eventual Hamptonization of eastern Riverhead and Southold Towns has taken on the air of inevitability. With wine, beaches and relatively affordable real estate, could share houses and party rentals be far behind?   Read more...

The man who saved Long Island's ospreys

Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!

There are only two real Tuesdays in September, in my estimation. There’s the Tuesday after Labor Day, and then there’s the Tuesday after that, which will always be filled in my mind with the images of the smoke and dust of the twin towers, the first week of...  Read more...

Save the Witch's Hat!

EPCAL Plan Gets an Earful From Riverhead Residents

It seemed there was something to hate for everybody when Riverhead Town unleashed its plan to subdivide the Enterprise Park at Calverton at the former Grumman plant for public comment Wednesday night. Read more...
Fort Pond House

Changing of the Guard for East Hampton Airport Manager

Longtime East Hampton Airport Manager Jim Brundige announced late last week that he’ll be retiring at end of this season, and he’s due to leave the town’s employ just after Columbus Day, said East Hampton Councilwoman and Airport Liaison Kathee Burke-Gonzalez at a work session Sept. 2.  Read more...

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