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Southolders Feel Like East Hampton's Doormat

Southolders are used to living next to farms, but they live with the dust and the noise because they know farms are essential to the town. They’re used to limousines that make the rounds of wineries, but they put up with them because they provide jobs for people who live in town. But what they’re not willing to put up with, says Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell, is the constant barrage of helicopter traffic...   Read more...

What are East End governments doing?

A New Way to Finance Solar Panels on Long Island

Homeowners on Long Island now have another way to pay for energy improvements to their property, including rooftop solar panels, after PSEG-Long Island agreed earlier this summer to participate in “on-bill financing” for energy improvements.

The repayment terms would be based on the projected energy savings of the home improvement.  Read more...

The man who saved Long Island's ospreys

East Hampton Will Buy Gardiner Homestead

East Hampton will soon own a big chunk of its history on James Lane, after the town board agreed Aug. 7 to purchase the Lion Gardiner home lot, next door to the Mulford Farm and across the street from Town Pond and the South End Cemetery, where Mr. Gardiner, one of the founders of East Hampton Town, is buried.  Read more...

Save the Witch's Hat!

Southampton To Hold Referendum on Riverside Traffic Circle

Southampton Town and Suffolk County are looking to begin work on a change to the traffic pattern at the Riverside traffic circle next year, and, as of this week, they’re two-thirds of the way along in a complicated series of steps to change the land use around the circle in order to redesign the circle.  Read more...
Fort Pond House

Southold: On Dog Runs, Generators, Assessments

Southold Town workers discovered earlier this year that they weren’t able to apply for grant money they’d expected to use to build solar-powered shelters over the dog runs at the town animal shelter on Peconic Lane, but the town still has access to $180,000 in a trust for the shelter set up by the Southold Raynor Animal Shelter Foundation.  Read more...

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