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Tall Ships; Mundus as Grand Marshal; Model Races: East End Seaport Museum Kicks Off the Season


Flanders Garbage District Shot Down By Town Board


The Southampton Town Board unanimously agreed Tuesday afternoon to reject all the bids it received for a proposed garbage district in Flanders, Riverside and NorthamptonResistance to the proposal grew throughout this spring, when many members of the community who were opposed to the garbage district joined the community association in the hopes of swaying its board to stop pursuing the district. Read More....

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House Approves Zeldin's Plea to Keep FAA From Meddling in East Hampton


Tuesday night, Congressman Lee Zeldin successfully added an amendment to the Transportation Appropriations Bill that would block the Federal Aviation Administration from using funds to “institute an administrative or civil action” against East Hampton over its plan to instate use restrictions at its municipal airport.  Read more...


State Calls Forestry Resources to Long Island to Fight Southern Pine Beetles


A dozen state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) forestry experts from all across New York and a group of educators from the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission (NFFPC) arrived in Long Island this week, with plans to combat the devestating impact the southern pine beetle is having on trees throughout central and eastern Long Island.  Read more..

Stony Brook Lab: Brown Tide Returns to South Shore Bays


Researchers at Dr. Chris Gobler’s microalgae laboratory at Stony Brook University have found “an intense and damaging brown tide” across much of Great South Bay and Moriches Bay and in Quantuck Bay, they announced Tuesday. The laboratory has found brown tide cell densities exceeding 250,000 cells per milliliter in Great South and Moriches bays and cell densities exceeding....  Read More...

East End Arts Gives Out Teeny Awards

East End Arts held its 13th Annual Teeny Awards Sunday afternoon at Center Moriches High School. The Teeny Awards, modeled after the Tony Awards, celebrate the best high school theater on the East End, complete with a walk down the red carpet and performances from some of the plays nominated for awards.  Read More....


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