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Feds Debate Changing Striper Regulations Off of Montauk

Main Road Advocates to Riverhead: Study Current Projects Before Corridor Study


A month after Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter offhandedly announced at a meeting that the town is about to conduct a rural corridor study of Route 25 from Aquebogue to Laurel, those who care about that stretch of highway say the study “might close the barn door…but only after the cows have gone.”  Read More...

County Sheriff Takes Over Pine Barrens Protection Hotline


The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office will now be fielding and responding to calls on the 1.877.BARRENS phone line, allowing residents to report illegal activities that threaten the 105,000-acre Central Pine Barrens region of Suffolk County.  Read More...


Children's Museum's Mission: Serve All Families

The Children’s Museum of the East End is smack dab in the middle of what many people think of as one of the wealthiest places in America, but this Bridgehampton refuge for families and their children has been devoted for several years to making the museum experience an inclusive one for working people trying to make a living here.  Read more...

East Hampton Launches Latino Advisory Committee


East Hampton Town has formed a new Latino Advisory Committee to help provide outreach and translation of information about town services to the Spanish-speaking community in town.   Read More...

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