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Lifting Up Riverside Through Conversation and Action

Southampton Searches For CR39 Traffic Fix

This time of year, the rush hour drives to and from the South Fork begin their seasonal crescendo, as more and more workers from points west begin readying summer houses to be opened for the year. Southampton Town and Suffolk County are considering an experiment in mid-April...   Read More... 

Long Island Naturalists Get Ready for Spring Conference

The fourth annual Long Island Natural History Conference is coming up March 18 & 19. Topics for discussion will include the southern pine beetle infestation on Long Island, rare birds on Great Gull Island, exotic invasive plants, shellfish restoration in the Great South Bay, eelgrass restoration, sharks in local waters and climate change.  Read More...


Looking for a New Lease on Life? "Becky's New Car" Opens at NFCT

Most of us have at times been tempted to flee our own lives, but Becky Foster took the reins and did just that.

At the start of playwright Steven Deitz’s “Becky’s New Car,” opening at the North Fork Community Theatre in Mattituck March 4, Becky is caught in middle age, middle management, and in a middling marriage —with no prospects for change on the horizon.   Read more...

East End Events

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Searching for Alewives in East End Streams 

The lowly alewife, a member of the herring family, is a critical fish to our marine ecosystem and is prey to many of the local fish that we eat.

Every spring, volunteers from throughout Long Island take to the woods near ponds and streams to document the annual trips taken by alewives as they swim upstream to spawn.  Read More...

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