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Pride Runs Deep—Submarine Crews Honor Lost Comrades at New Suffolk Beach

East Hampton Approves Airport Regulations

The East Hampton Town Board approved three new regulations Thursday night aimed at curbing noisy aircraft that use the town's Wainscott airport. The regulations are expected to go into effect this summer. They include a mandatory nighttime curfew, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., an extended curfew on noisy aircraft...  Read more...

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Audubon: Birds Serve as Bellwethers for Climate Change


Like canaries in cages sent down into freshly dug coal mines, birds are at the forefront of our understanding about how the world’s climate is changing around us, and those changes are being documented by Audubon Society members all around the globe.  Read more..

The Galley Ho Gets On the Move


It took workers from Davis House Movers just a couple hours Wednesday afternoon to move the former Galley Ho restaurant in New Suffolk onto its new pilings from the cribbing where it has stood since it was badly damaged during Superstorm Sandy.   Read More...

Zeldin Reintroduces Bishop's Bill To Protect Plum Island


Congressman Lee Zeldin announced Friday that he has re-introduced legislation  to protect Plum Island that was previously sponsored by his predecessor, Congressman Tim Bishop.   Read More...

Garbage Battle Brews in Flanders


A revolt is brewing among residents of Flanders, Riverside and Northampton against the community association that has long represented their interests before Southampton Town. The Flanders, Riverside & Northampton Community Association has been exploring the possibility of creating a garbage district... Read More...

The Media Doesn't Care About You


You’ve probably suspected for years that the media doesn’t care about you, and you’re probably right. But there are some things the media does care about, and it’s probably a good idea that we all know what those things are. Here’s a handy bunch of information about what the media does and doesn’t care about:  Read More...

Put Your Leaves Out at the Curb! Today!


It's time for spring clean-up in Southampton and Southold towns. Here's the skinny on what our towns are doing to help us clean up our yards:  Read More...

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