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7 Things if Broken are Costing Big Money!

We want to look out for you and make sure that you don’t have things broken in your  home that are costing you money. These things may seem small but if you add it up over a years time the cost could be big!

1. Old Thermostat – Do you still have one of those old-outdated thermostats? One that can be programmed that can be set automatically to turn on and off can save you about $175 a year.

2. Leaking Faucets – Did you know that one little drip can amount to over 3,000 gallons of water in a year! That’s enough to fill a swimming pool! Yep! That’s what we said! Cost $20 in a year.

3. Broken or Not Used Ceiling Fan – Okay here’s a big one! If you aren’t using a ceiling fan your energy costs in the summer can go up by as much as 40% in the summer! By 10% in the winter. Cost in a year is $250.

4. Damaged Air Ducts – This is another big one! Do you have holes or cracks in unheated places like your attic for example? The air is leaking! Cost for the leakage in a year, $280.

5. Windows and Doors Not Sealed – Everybody knows that living in the south can be like living in a furnace in the summer – it gets seriously hot here! This costs you big! The air is leaking out of your house. The cost for this leakage in a year is $350.

6. Dirty Furnace Filters – Clogged or dirty filters can add up to 5% to your utility bill. $70 per year.

7. Constantly Running Toilet – The biggest expense of them all! A constantly running toilet can waste up to 73,000 (!!!) gallons of water per year. Cost per year $370.

If you have any of these problems we can fix you right up! Call us  and we will send someone out right away!

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