MPHS PAPs Calendar Fundraiser 

Congratulations to Our April Winners

Tickets for May and June Drawings Still Available 
April Winners

Thank You For Your Support

1-Apr R. Boland
2-Apr L. Ball
3-Apr S. D'Aurizio
4-Apr P. D'Aurizio
5-Apr M. Mattessich
6-Apr D. Keegan
7-Apr E. O'Malley
8-Apr         M. Mattessich
9-Apr D. Canellas
10-Apr L. McGovern
11-Apr T. Malcolm
12-Apr D. Garrity
13-Apr I. O'Marra
14-Apr S. Flynn
15-Apr B. Stevens
16-Apr J. Doriguzzi
17-Apr J. McManus
18-Apr R. Orlando
19-Apr D. Hanel
20-Apr J. Doriguzzi
21-Apr K. Schaefer
22-Apr A. Baptista
23-Apr B. Ball
24-Apr G. Chau
25-Apr J. Abraham
26-Apr                 P. O'Callaghan
27-Apr D. Bonnecaze
28-Apr S. Pantale
29-Apr R. Boland
30-Apr J. Quinn
Buy Your Tickets for May and June Drawings

Calendar ticket only $10
  • A winner will be drawn for each day of the week (that's 61 days folks!) during May and June
  • The winner will get the cash prize that coordinates with the amount listed on that day (see sample)
  • Cash prizes are in the amounts of $100, $50, $25, or $15 
  • BONUS: Winners' tickets will be re-entered for the possibility to win again and again!
  • BONUS: You can purchase multiple tickets to increase your odds of winning
  • Prize money/checks will be mailed directly to the winner’s home after the monthly drawing is completed at the end of the month.
Buy your calendar tickets from Colleen Keegan or Linda Steuerwald by clicking the email links below or by giving them a call. Ticket can also be purchased at the Baseball Store. Tickets are $10. Checks can be made out to MPHS PAPs. Winners will be listed in the MPHS PAPs newsletter.  

Buy Now. Email Colleen Keegan or call 201-755-5640
Buy Now. Email Linda Steuerwald or call 201-923-4352
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