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Today Youth Employment UK has launched a framework for organisations which will help them remove barriers to employment for thousands of young people. 

The Youth Friendly Employment framework underpins the good practice required to support, engage and employ young people aged 16-24. It equips organisations with the tools and support required to ensure their organisation is able to maximise the potential of the young people it engages as employees, customers or other stakeholders.

The Youth Friendly Employment Framework is free to Community Members of Youth  Employment UK
Community Members can access a suite of resources to support their implementation of the Framework
Young people aged 16-24 are the most vulnerable and at risk of unemployment, and according to research by Impetus PEF in 2016, 1.3 million young people will experience six months or more of being NEET (not in education, employment or training). 

Youth Employment UK recognises that many employers in the UK are working hard to support young people, creating opportunities for them to enter the world of work. Unfortunately there are still too many young people unable to access these opportunities. 
Youth Employment UK believes that every young person should be able to fulfill their potential and access the world of work, firmly believing it is what young people strive for and what our economy needs. 

2017 will signal change as the UK begins to see the impact of a number of significant policies, including Apprenticeship reform and the Youth Obligation rollout led by the DWP. As these reforms take place, young people may need more support than ever before. 

Organisations who invest in youth employment initiatives should be supported to ensure that they are accessing a wider talent pool and know that the young people they work with have the right support to develop and add value.
Marie Graham who leads on the Talent Match Programme in Manchester which aims to support those young people furthest from the labour market, and says “The Youth Friendly Employment Framework is an excellent tool that highlights, to employers, the wide spectrum of ways they can support young people both as employees and across the wider community. If every employer implemented just some of these recommendations we would see  many of the career barriers young people face disappear.”

The Youth Friendly Employment Framework has been endorsed by Goldsmiths University of London.  Dr Anna Carlile recommends the Framework for its youth-led and sustainable approach.
Youth Employment UK CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings said “So much good activity takes place in the youth employment space, but unfortunately we are still not creating opportunities that support all young people, some young people have complex needs that are not always understood by the employment community. The framework aims to help those employers reach wider pools of young people, who with the right support often make exceptional employees. For the first time organisations will be able to really evaluate the work they are doing, remove some of the barriers young people may experience and be recognised for that work. We want to see the UK embrace and support its young people and truly become a youth friendly society.”

By creating this framework with young people Youth Employment UK are able to provide for the first time clear guidance and support for organisations that want to develop a youth friendly culture, support young people in their communities to safeguard the future of the UK's youth. 

You can find out more about the Youth Friendly Employment Framework and the work of Youth Employment UK by contact us at or calling 0844 4143101
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