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In this issue (there's quite a lot...not every one will be this long!):
FREE Workshop / Pam at National Storytelling Conference / Festival Gathering of Network of Biblical Storytellers / Boulder Story NightPam's Blog "Story Crossings" Launched / Do You Know This "Secret Power" of Story? / Anecdotes or Stories?Newsletter-Naming CONTEST! / Storytelling Tips - The New Movie "Jersey Boys," and What Can We Learn from Frankie Valli

It's a Newsletter!

Born June 2014, after several years of labor (yikes!),
mother and project are doing fine!

We're not sure of eye & hair color yet, not to mention complexion (the looks of it...) - that may all be in flux for a while.  Who knows just how the features and personality  (the content...) will develop.  But we're certain it will grow and learn and play and mature beautifully! doesn't yet have a name!!  
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Newsletter-Naming Contest...
You are receiving this newsletter because, at some point in time, you asked to receive it!  For some of you, that was a VERY long time ago...I was intending to launch a storytelling-related newsletter several years ago, and started collecting email addresses from people who were interested...and the plans got derailed until now - a case of better late than never, I hope!  You can of course unsubscribe at any time - but I hope you welcome its arrival, and enjoy the storytelling news, tips, and reflections I look forward to sharing with you. Sincerely, Pam Faro


Saturday, June 28
1-3pm in Lafayette, CO 

WORKSHOP LEADER: Storyteller Pam Faro
DATE & TIME:  Saturday, June 28, 1:00-3:00pm
LOCATION:  Arbordale Acres Clubhouse, 
501 Spaulding, Lafayette, CO 80026


What are sacred or spiritual stories, and why might you tell one?

"Interfaith Interplay: Sharing the Fire and Light of Sacred Stories"

"Whether you already tell stories for spiritual or interfaith gatherings, or wish to - or never do! - there is a unique and powerful impact possible in the sharing of such stories.  Colorado storyteller Pam Faro has long experience and deep passion for interfaith storytelling: come explore with her the whats, wheres, hows and whys of intentionally sharing stories from across spiritual traditions.  It can help heal brokenness in our world - and be loads of fun, too!"

I'm leading this new workshop at this summer's National Storytelling Conference in Phoenix, AZ at the end of July...and I'm offering this FREE PREVIEW of it here in COLORADO:

It will be win-win-win!...
  1. You get a free workshop from an experienced professional storyteller on a topic you don't come across every day;
  2. I get to practice a new iteration of favorite material;
  3. The workshop attendees at the National Storytelling Conference get a tested workshop (with your input!).
The workshop is FREE, but you do have to pre-register by Thursday, June 26
(I need to know how many chairs and handouts to have prepared!).

* To register, or to ask questions, email me at, or use the website contact form at Story Crossings.
Please give me your name, email address and phone number

Please share this information with anyone else who may be interested - Thanks!

"Fire & Light"NSN conference
National Storytelling Conference

July 24-27, 2014 Phoenix, AZ

I am delighted, gratified and honored to be giving a workshop at this year's National Storytelling Conference (see description, above).  I'd love to see you there!
NSN logoThis conference is an annual storytelling event bringing together tellers from all walks of life, from all points of the compass, and with so much to teach and learn from each other!  Click on the National Storytelling Network (NSN) logo to learn more!

There will be Western Regional Showcase performances throughout the conference, featuring 20-some storytellers from the Western Region states. I'm honored to have also been slated as one of them; I'll have the opportunity to tell one about-8-minute story: one of my bilingual (Spanish-English) favorites, "Colorin, Colorado - Horse and Bee Have a Race!"  I'm grateful for the opportunity - and so looking forward to the exchange of stories and wisdom and fun among storytellers!  Hope to see some of you there!

Festival Gathering
of Biblical Storytelling

Network of Biblical Storytellers, Int'l
August 6-9, 2014

Ridgecrest Conference Center
Near Asheville, NC

The Network of Biblical Storytellers’ Festival Gathering is a four day immersion experience of biblical storytelling with performances, opportunities for biblical scholarship through the NBS Seminar, lively fellowship, vibrant worship and valuable workshops.

Keynote presentations from the best performance criticism biblical scholars in the world, hands-on workshops for every level of storyteller from beginner to master storyteller, creative performances from featured storytellers and national and international member storytellers, deep-well worship, an Epic Telling of an entire book of the Bible, and the best fellowship you’ll ever experience at any conference is what defines this wonderful four-day international conference called the NBS Festival Gathering.  

I'm usually up to my ears with involvement with this event, and this year's no different! I'll be giving 2 workshops on using movement in storytelling, plus a couple performances during the FG; plus I'm a member/planner/presenter with the NBS Seminar (which meets for 2 days before the FG), and am also a mentor/teacher/faculty with the Academy for Biblical Storytelling (ABS) (which meets for 3 days after the FG).  Good times!  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about NBS, ABS, or the NBS Seminar.

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Boulder Story Night Boulder Story Night Meetup

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 
Alfalfa's Market (Community Room) 
1651 Broadway, Boulder, CO

"Come one, come all and join us for a night of sharing and telling stories! The Theme this month: Fairy Tales - What else brings storytelling to the mind faster than a fairy tale?" 

This is a lovely monthly opportunity to gather with others for an evening of storytelling, story listening, story enjoyment.  Relaxed & fun atmosphere, no one has to tell, everyone gets a chance to tell (if not this month, then the next!). Every month there is a suggested theme, which is only a prompt if you want one - never required!  Full information here. (And tea is always available!)

If you're near Boulder, CO, come check it out!  If you're not, check out to see if there's a story-Meetup in your area (or start up one!).

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Story Crossings Blog
is Launched!

I launched my Story Crossings blog in February of this year.  What a learning curve!  I've been storytelling professionally for 26 years, and of course there's always something new to learn...and blogging is certainly new to me!

In early March I then learned about the April A-to-Z Daily Blogging Challenge (daily!!?!), and decided to commit (and ended up nearly needing to be committed somewhere, myself - just kidding! - but it WAS indeed a challenge). 

I accomplished my major goal, however, which was to learn about blogging by diving into the deep end!  26 days, prompted by the letters of the alphabet: it was fun to do some snapshot-initial-exploring of some interesting aspects of how storytelling creates connections, helping us to cross lots of kinds of boundaries (...story "crossings"...) - some of those topics will be revisited and expanded upon in both future blog posts and this newsletter.

My first 2 blog posts, back in February, remain among my very favorite so far. Below are short excerpts, with links to the full posts, if you'd like to go check them out. I hope you do! - and any comments you may like to post would be welcome. Thanks for reading!...
From Story Crossings blog archives...

Do You Know This “Secret Power” of Story?

It was a glorious Colorado autumn day!

Ohhhhh, let me throw open the door and step out into the blue-sky bright-sunshine lovely-fresh air! Glorious! Deep breath, big smile…

Then –

– What – IS – that – horrific – SOUND?????!!!!!!!????!!!!!!

[Click here to read more...]

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In Writing and Storytelling: Anecdotes are Great – Stories are Even Better
He was 12 and I was 7.

Yep, Mark was old enough to occasionally be my babysitter on the early Friday evenings when our parents had bowling league and our older high-school-aged brother and sister had other plans.

And he knew how to make the food of the gods: buttered popcorn!

[Click here to read more...]

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Name That Newsletter!  (Well, THIS newsletter-!)

Newsletter-Naming Contest
This newsletter needs a name!!  I don't want to call it "Story Crossings"...because that's already the name of my website AND my blog...and, while consistency can be a good thing, this could just get confusing...

Something evoking the "connecting" and "bridging" themes of
my website (have you seen all the bridge'n'crossing pictures there?!),  while pointing toward reflecting, exploring, considering, maybe journeying...

[Some of the half-baked ideas I've had so far: The Nature of Storytelling / On the Path / Follow the Path / Pathways to Story Crossings / Traveling / Exploring ...and now you see why I'm asking for help in naming it!!]

Each issue of this newsletter will contain a combination of news, reflections/musings on various aspects of storytelling, storytelling tips, and a link or two to recent blog posts....

I'd love to gather ideas...Do you have any to share with me?  If you do, please send your newsletter-name ideas and brainstorms to me at  

The "winner" will be the person who:
  • suggests a name that I actually choose as is, OR 
  • gives me the brightest spark that lights the way to the name I create/choose.
What will the winner get? (Drum-roll, please...) Your choice:
I'm collecting ideas/submissions until one clicks with me-!  
I hope to have it determined by the time the next newsletter
goes out, so...send away! You might end up the winner!  And thanks!

How does the opening this week of the new movie "Jersey Boys" offer storytellers a good lesson?

As part of the publicity for the movie's opening, Parade magazine interviewed 60's singing group Four Seasons' lead singer Frankie Valli ("Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry") in its June 8, 2014 issue. An interesting read, this part is instructive for storytellers:

[Parade] You saw your fellow New Jersey native Frank Sinatra perform live when you were a kid. Did it inspire you?

[Frankie Valli]  A little kid for the first time seeing(him)...yeah, I was like, “Boy, that’s what I want to do.” But I had no idea how to get to where he was. Is there a school? I said to myself one day, “Well, who taught the first guy how to do it?” I learned by listening to other people sing...And there are things no one can ever teach you, like phrasing. By listening to Sinatra, for instance—you felt that everything he sang had happened in his life.
Whenever anyone asks me (Pam) how to get started or improve as a storyteller, I always say this:  Two things –
1) Tell as often as you can.
2) Listen to as many other storytellers as you can.
(1 - In the next newsletter issue, I'll offer suggestions on how you can find opportunities to tell.  
But this time we'll take our cue from Frankie Valli...)

2) There is ALWAYS something to learn when observing another storyteller:
  • a new story, or kind of story, that inspires you to explore it yourself;
  • a new way to do something – whether it’s moving, or using the voice, or interacting with the audience, or something else;
  • “Ohhhh, I’ve never thought of that – I’ll try it!” - OR - 
  • “Ohhhh, that’s awful – I’ll never try that!” - OR -
  • “Ohhh, I really like that – but since I can’t do that (this is what I thought when once I saw someone tap dance in a story), that inspires me to find my own creative take on that idea” (bring in something I CAN do, other than tap dancing!)
  • this list is just a beginning - add your own learnings as you go!
So be on the lookout for opportunities to observe other storytellers, whether it’s a solo performance at a local library or theater, or you get the chance to attend an organized gathering such as a local conference or festival, a workshop (like the one I’m offering in Lafayette CO on June 28), or the National Storytelling Conference (see notice above), whether this summer or in the future.
Have fun observing others and growing your storytelling skills!

- Pam Faro

I hope you'll visit my website at

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