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January, 2021
News from Pam Faro, Storyteller
* 3 Tips About Effective Eye Contact on Zoom
* ...a Note from Pam
* NOW: Registration for "Telling the Resurrection for True: The Gospel of Mark" - course begins January 21 
(Scroll down for details...)
"Storytelling, Body & Soul" - Coming this year
* Every Friday - Pam does Live Storytelling on Facebook

3 Tips About Effective Eye Contact on Zoom

1. Accept the fact that it can’t really be done!
You have to choose: If you look at others’ faces to see their expressions you won’t be looking at the camera, so for the others it cannot feel that you are really looking at them. If you’re a storyteller like me – or any speaker/communicator, really – this is so hard! We rely on facial feedback! AND YET: To give the gift of them being able to feel like you are really looking at them, you must look directly into the camera.
2. Put a Post-It Note with an arrow on it right above your camera!
This will remind and direct you, and eventually help train you, to look directly into the camera – to give your listeners that gift. (See photo above!)
3. Mix it up.
Go ahead and sometimes look around at the other faces in those little squares, most especially when they are speaking, but also to enable yourself to see reactions. But be sure to return and return to looking into your camera when you are speaking, so at their end they feel like you’re looking at them.
BONUS TIP: Channel your inner Mr. Rogers.
When asked how he managed to make all those television-audience children feel like he was speaking right to them, he said he would look at the camera and imagine he was speaking to one child right there. Try it!
...a note from Pam:
This is the third newsletter in a row I have highlighted a course (below) of particular interest to church folks or those interested in ministry and/or biblical stories...which I know is not everyone!  Rest assured, if this is "not your thing"...

...I will never stop telling folktales,
fairytales and ghost stories, myths and legends and personal/historical tales, and more! And I will always delight in coaching storytellers in any genre, and teaching storytelling skills and applications in virtually any and every setting: schools, libraries, universities, community centers, you-name-it!

And yet: I do relish and am particularly equipped to work in religious/spiritual contexts, with faith communities and ministry professionals. I also especially enjoy working in multi-faith contexts - long a special interest of mine - so such workshops and courses will continue to be offered.

Storytelling offers riches to us all!
I'm developing an in-depth storytelling skills course, "Storytelling, Body & Soul," that will be available later in 2021. Stay tuned!

"Telling the Resurrection for True: The Gospel of Mark"
4-part online course / Begins SOON, January 21

The sun doesn't come up all at once...


...When the women walked to the tomb, the sky was the color of a pearl, grey reaching up from the point on the horizon that would see the sun first break through.

In the dark of late January, we will gather (on Zoom, of course) to think together about what it means to walk slowly toward Mark’s odd Resurrection story. After the year we have had, something in us surely wants Easter to explode in obvious glory.

But the sun does not come up all at once. And Jesus does not pop out of the tomb, conquer death, and set everything easily to rights.

No matter how many hymns or sermons say otherwise.

"Telling the Resurrection for True: The Gospel of Mark" will be a 4-session workshop, in which we will explore how we might tell true stories of Resurrection in our tense and complicated world.


Beginning SOON: Thursday, January 21
We will meet for 4 Thursdays from 2:00pm-3:45pm Eastern Time (US) [Adjust for your local time; here is one time zone converter you can use].


For full information and REGISTRATION, click here.

Workshop Leaders

Pam Faro, a professional storyteller with world-wide experience, based in Colorado.

Richard Swanson, professor at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and director of the Provoking the Gospel Storytelling Project.

I (Pam) will tell key parts of Mark’s gospel - we will experience the story together. Richard will guide our exploration of my performances - we will join with each other in exploratory thinking about this old, audacious story.

If this particular course is not for you, would you know of someone else who might be interested? I'd so appreciate it if you'd pass on this info to them - and they might, too. 

Contact me if you have questions. Thanks!

Additional online storytelling courses and coaching coming...

Perhaps now more than ever we need our stories to hold hope, bring comfort as well as joy and inspiration, and to express our realization that we are all connected and dependent on each other in our common humanity. I continue to develop online versions of my workshops, performances, and coaching.

*Coming in 2021...
                  "Storytelling: Body & Soul"

Watch for details coming your way - and/or contact me at any time with questions:

ONGOING: EVERY FRIDAY on Facebook, Pam does Friday Live Storytelling. 11 am Mountain Time - US (adjust for your local time: time zone converter here.

Search "Pam Faro" on Facebook (not the one in South Africa - ! We are friends, but that's not me...!) - You don't need to "friend" me; the Live Stream as well as the recorded video of it is set to "Public" for viewing.
1 or 2 stories, 20-some minutes usually...Come take a story break in your day!

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And, can I speak to you very frankly?...

Friends, please tell me what YOU NEED - whether you're an educator, librarian, non-profit organizer, parent, hobbyist, minister, business professional, fellow storyteller...

Contact me and help me to help you. I will create a program for you that answers your most urgent needs in the areas of literacy, SEL, other course content, relationships, anti-racism, creativity, storytelling skills and applications, and more. I can provide pre-recorded programming, and/or live online programs on Zoom or meeting/streaming platform of your choice. I can't wait to talk to you and be an integral part of your life this year. 
Here's the link to my website contact page.

Be safe, be well, keep telling stories and putting light out into the world, and please wear your mask - let's help protect each other!

Pam Faro
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