May 3, 2015
Interested in Self-Publishing?
Indy author Richard Jespers spent months studying what to do and
what NOT to do.
Learn from his experience.

PUBLISH!! 2015

Know why your small press or self-published book can't be in libraries? Want to see an exciting author co-op model for getting your book marketed across the country?  Pamela Foster, Distribution Director for Oghma Media will have lots of new information to share at PUBLISH!! 2015
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The schedule is now up for the speakers at Books in Bloom. Every writer in the conservatory will be speaking on their writing process or source of ideas. A whole afternoon of inspiration from some of the best writers working today.
What a great way to wrap up our PUBLISH!! 2015 conference. Don't miss this once-a-year literary weekend in beautiful Eureka Springs. See the Books in Bloom schedule HERE and the PUBLISH!! 2015 schedule HERE.
Go Home Inspired by Writers and Educated by Publishers!
The Village Writing School will have a 10 x 20 space with tables for the books of our PUBLISH!! 2015 presenters and attendees. This table will be manned by our volunteers, so that you can attend our event and still have your books out for sale all day.
In addition, we will be hosting readings at Main Stage, as part of Made by Me, from 5 - 7 pm.
An amazing literary weekend in beautiful Eureka Springs.
This Thursday we will have a Chinese dinner with rice and lots of fresh veggies. 

After two weeks of yard sales and flower planting, our director thinks we should talk about...writing!

She will discuss writing a beautiful story, with examples of revisions designed to amp up the beauty.

Have YOU had writing success?


Last summer, Jane Quinn took our Tales from the South workshop on the train in Rogers. She submitted her story to Tales and was chosen to read it on the air. Here is the link to the broadcast, which was recorded Sunday, March 15, 2015 at the Arts Center of the Ozarks in Springdale, AR. This is at least the fourth story from that Tales on the Rails workshop that has been aired.


Congratulations, Jane!


We only discovered this when Jane came back to take Heirloom Writing last Saturday. So, please, if you've published a story or appeared at an event or reading, send an email to Jessie here.


We want to celebrate everyone's success.

From the Director . . .

Why I'm Not Published
People often ask me if I ever consider self-publishing (which I prefer to call indy publishing) or if I would ever send my book to a small press. Since the answer to those questions is "yes," the next logical question is: why haven't I done it?
Each writer's decision on when and how to publish is as unique as our fingerprints. So many factors go into that decision. How anxious are we to see that book in print? What other books do we imagine in our "canon"? Do we think anything can be gained by waiting? Are we prepared at this moment to do the marketing work?
For me personally, I'm doing a full-court press to finish up the novel that I hope will be my debut. So, despite my other novel, written and waiting, I'm only now beginning to think seriously about submitting a manuscript.
Also, I've had just enough success in New York to keep me a little hopeful: a NY agent recently willing to write back and forth to me for months and the long-ago sale of a novel to Simon & Schuster. That said, considering the subject of my books, there could still be advantages to a small, respected press, especially a university press.
But the main reason I'm not frantically pushing to get this book published is that, really, I just don't feel that I have enough information. I hear so many horror stories from friends who have gone with a small press and then been disappointed in the quality of the product, the lack of support, the iron-clad clauses in the contract not to the writer's advantage, etc., etc. Plus, I'm not sure I have the latest advice on marketing, blogging, social media. And I certainly haven't spent any time studying my self-publishing options.
So, I'm trying to educate myself to avoid the mistakes that I know are out there. You may think I planned PUBLISH!! 2015 for you. Nope, I did it for me. But you're invited.
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   Pub Ops On Writing     

The Pedestal Magazine

Seeking speculative poetry and humorous flash fiction.

Speculative: science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, horror, surrealism, and experimental.

Click Here 

If you have never submitted through, you should learn to do it. It's becoming more and more required.
   B o o k s On Writing      In our library:

Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice
by Christina Baldwin

Examples, ideas, techniques and exercises for journal writing.
A good tool for self-growth.

-- Nancy Harris, VWS Librarian
   W e b  On Writing    
 Joan Didion on keeping a notebook.

The full pdf of her essay on keeping a journal (not a diary).

                         ". . .bits of the mind's string too short to use. . ."

   Q u o t e s On Writing     
“I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired to write at 9 o’clock every morning.”
Peter De Vries
Meet a Village Writer
Larry Campbell
Larry is a retired mathematics professor who taught at the College of the Ozarks and Missouri State University - 17 years at each institution.  He is currently combining all his various interests and projects (photography, writing, speaking) under the umbrella of AfterMath Enterprises and envisions several books from all this. Visit his website,, and sign up for his Weekly Photo/Sharing.  

Eureka Springs
Little Rock




Congratulations to Tayla Boerner on her feature article in the 2NJoy, Life Redefined Magazine Spring! 2015 edition. The article is about Sara Hardin who does food carving and design and offers food carving courses.

The estimable Dan Krotz visited us on Writers' Night Out and recorded several writers for his Ozark Harvest Radio Hour.

Visit the program HERE.

Organic Radio, always fresh, always local, and always honest.


Planting Day ~~  Thanks to Everyone who Came!!!
Open Mic Night at Brews 
May 6 ~ Begins at 6 pm
2 Pine Downtown Eureka

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