Chair Assembly & Pizza Thur Night
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   Issue 13                                 October 1, 2013
to Cris Senseman, Shiva Shanti, Alice French, and Valerie Fondetti for stepping up to the donation plates for our workshop space and the Citizen expense. Thanks also to Cris for hauling in a new bathroom cabinet, paper products, and a clock.
Coming this Saturday
The Golden Trilogy

How can you describe the setting and give necessary information without boring the reader? By learning to go deeper into your character's head through point of view and internalization. Learn the magic from Pam Foster who writes both popular fiction and memoir. This Saturday from 1-4 at OUR NEW BUILDING at 177 Huntsville Road. $25.
Read this interview with Pam to see how much fun we are going to have!  
Click here to read Alison's fun take on Pam Foster's approach to her writing and her workshop:

The Golden Trilogy
Oct 5, Saturday, 1 - 4 p.m.

N E W    L O C A T I O N
The Village Writing School
177 Huntsville Road, Eureka Springs
(Highway S. 23)
Update on Building
The Saturday Writers' Circles enjoyed frequent distractions as work went on at the building.

Our amazing neighbors, friends, and a husband gather to cut the dead limbs from the walnut tree.  

The guys' circle discussed the addition of a kitchen sink. Lizzie Wolf was literally circling between her writing group and the outside efforts, as she has assumed the behemoth undertaking of our landscaping.

It was a wild and wonderful day.  
Note from Alison
I bought this little camper used in 2007 when my migraines were so constant the neurologist said I needed a headache house to get totally away. He envisioned a beach cottage, but I fell  in love with this little thing. 

In 2010, I drove it to New Hampshire to receive my MFA in Fiction, taking only my 83-year-old mom and Traveler. We made it into a three-week trip. 

And now it feels like it's exactly where it needs to be, snuggling up to the back of the Village Writing School

Writers' Night IN
This Thursday: chair assembly at our new building. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. But you might bring a little knife or scissors (lots of tape and plastic to get through). Ordering in pizza or Chinese.
Tom Morin
has his blog up and running with some stories posted. Love the typewriter proclaiming Write Anyway! Read Tom's stories at
Debbie Quigley-Smith
is at 60,000 plus words on her current novel. There's no stopping her now.
Writers at Work Night Out
6-9 pm 

Everyone Welcome

Pam Foster 
Find your deep writing voice
Elizabeth Diane Newell-Mack

Writers' Circles

Coming in November
Writing for Children

Coming in December
Tell Your Christmas Story
For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at 
or 479 292-3665.


It Takes a
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--Linda Maella
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