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Our website now offers you the opportunity to become a friend of the Village Writing School. Friends are special supporters who pledge to donate a regular amount monthly. Options start at $10 per month.

If everyone who receives this newsletter donates, it will empower us to make a giant leap in our mission to help writers. We hope this will be our only fund-raising effort. Who has time for fundraising?

This donation is easily set up on our website by clicking the appropriate button. This will be handled by PayPal but you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate, only an active credit or debit card. If you have questions about how to set up your payment, let us know.

This donation will be used to support some of the following:
  • Our student page in the Lovely County Citizen.
  • Teacher expenses to bring in a wider range of teachers.
  • Educational books, workbooks, tools and supplies.
  • Improved parking.
  • This money will not be used for improvements to the building itself.
At the end of the year you will, of course, receive a receipt for the total of your tax-deductible donations. And, of course, you can cancel or adjust your donation at any time.

We invite all of our past and present students as well as anyone interested in our mission to become a Friend of the Village Writing School.

Village Writers~~Stronger & Better Together

This Thursday Writers Night Out will feature our own poetry instructor, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, reading from her new book.

We will eat and socialize as usual at 5 pm. Wendy will read at 5:30. And
at 6 pm we will begin our regular critiquing hour, ending at 7.
By Greg Sherar
I attended the first Writers’ Night Out two Thursdays ago where we were all involved in critiquing each others’ writing. Even though I had nothing to read that particular night, it was worth watching. It helps me to be among writers of all experience levels to observe how they progress through their own writing projects.
Four writers read 1-3 pages of their work. Then, approximately 5 minutes of corrective criticism and a very brief discussion between attendees occurred. After watching, I’m now anxious to read some of my material in this unthreatening environment.
Director Alison Taylor Brown has a knack for assisting new writers like me feel comfortable, allowing development at an individual pace. When Alison makes helpful comments to new writers and in the next breath adjusts her comments to fit the needs of more experienced writers, we all benefit.
Thursday night critique sessions are another reason Eureka Springs in general and the Village Writing School in particular are rare gems.
Subtext, High Events and Closings
April 19      9-4 pm

Fifteen serious writers took away some great techniques to structure and write their memoirs. It was an enjoyable day with some intense moments as these writers bravely faced the sad events in their pasts as well as the joyful ones. A thousand thanks to Marilyn Collins for a wonderful job.

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"The Many Faces of Memoir (and Poetry)"
Tandy Belt

April 13 - Sunday Poetry Roundelay 
April 19 - Subtext, High Events, Closings

April 20 - Fayetteville Writing Circle

April 24 - Spring Memoir Series Begins with Rebecca Mahoney

April 27 - Sunday Poetry Roundelay

May 3 - Pat Carr, Short Story

June 22 - Tales of the South Oral Story Telling Workshop with Paula Morell
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