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F O O D   and   F O C U S !


SPRING Changes to Writers' Night Out amp up the FUN and the USEFULNESS 

On the FIRST THURSDAY of EVERY month, we will meet at KJ's Caribe Restaurant and Cantina where we will have our own little private room behind the bar.

You can part in the back and come in that way. If the weather is nice we can use the deck just outside. KJ is fixing a family style meal for us with several courses and both meat and veggie entrees. All for under $10 per person. Caribe is on Hwy 62 West. Our night to PARTY! Margaritas anyone?

The OTHER THURSDAYS, we will continue to meet at our building for a light supper.

We will utilize some of this time to FOCUS on our writing. Here are the rules:
  • We may bring up to five double-spaced pages to read. Alison will also project the work on the screen so everyone can follow along.
  • We will have printed comment sheets. As you listen to each person's work, you will have space to make notes for them.
  • There will be a very brief discussion after each piece, but mostly your comments will be made on the sheet for the writer to take home.
  • This portion of the evening will be limited to one hour, but since we will be meeting every week, if you don't get to read one week, you can read next week.
Hopefully the evening will be useful even to those who don't bring work but just want to listen and learn. This will replace the Saturday writing circles which have become sporadic due to so many workshops.

The new plan begins THIS coming Thursday, March 29. So bring work to read.

The monthly evening at Caribe will be NEXT week--April 5.

Tell Your Story, Your Way

April 5, 2014               Time: 9 am to 1 pm            $25

Memoir Writing with Marilyn Collins

  • Which stories to tell
  • Organizing memorabilia and photographs
  • How not to start a family feud
  • And much more!   


 Marilyn H. Collins is an award-winning author of history books, how-to books for writers, and magazine articles. She is noted for her hands-on, interactive, and practical workshops for writers.

Her Step-by-Step Writing Guides include: Memoir Writing: Brighten Your Leaf on the Family Tree and You Can Write                                                a Book about Your Family.

Feature Story Dawdling?
Some of you are dithering over your Feature Story.  Move ahead.  Be fearless!
This Thursday at Writers' Night Out would be a great time to show us what you've got and get suggestions.

We promised these businesses and individuals a story. We want to deliver!
S P R I N G   S P R U C E   UP
We will be brightening the outside of our building and are seeking a landscaper, a painter, and a carpenter.

If you know anyone whom you can recommend, please email Alison.  
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Calendar is updated weekly.

This Week in the Citizen
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Carmen Caldwell
April 5 - Memoir Writing with Marilyn Collins
April 6 - Fayetteville Writing Circle
April 13 - Sunday Roundelay 
April 19 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
April 20 - Fayetteville Writing Circle
April 24 - Spring Memoir Series Begins with
                Rebecca Mahoney

April 27 - Sunday Roundelay

May 3 - Pat Carr, Short Story
May/June (TBA) - Self-Editing
June 22 - Tales of the South
                 Oral Story Telling Workshop
                 Paula Morell

For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at or 479 292-3665.
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