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 Issue 7                 August 19, 2013
Sixteen Village Writers were enthralled when Jackie Wolven spoke at our weekly Writers' Night Out. Jackie's fun presentation was on keeping balance in a writing life.  
Village Writers seriously moved up in the world when we held our Blog Right! workshop in the ballroom of the Basin Park. Jacqueline Wolven, bottom right, who taught the workshop, explained the importance of knowing what you stand for and then sharing that with the world.
Every Thursday
Writers at Work Night Out
6-9 pm  Garden Bistro
Everyone Welcome

August 24

September 7--INSPIRE! 
Writing from the Soul
Linda Apple

September 21--CHARACTER
Jan Morrill, author or The Red Kimono, U of A Press
Pam Foster 
October 19--MINDFUL Writing
Find your deep writing voice
Elizabeth Diane Newell-Mack
For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at 
or 479 292-3665.

Writers Night Out 
Two Speakers Rolled into One!
This Thursday (August 22), our guest speaker will be Greg Bartlett, a computer consultant who will talk to us about saving time with our computers, so we can write more and more often.
Greg also has the Black Belt Mastery Center (behind the Amish Connection next to Forest Hill). He teaches Tai Chi & several other disciplines and will give us some advice on gentle stretches and exercises to do during breaks from all that writing.

He is reported to have an awesome sense of humor, and is married to Beth Bartlett, of Wisecrack Zodiac fame. If you haven't tried Writers Night Out yet, come join us. If you have any interest in writing, like it or not, we're your tribe.  

INSPIRE! Workshop
Coming On
September 7
Maybe you're wondering if this is just for religious writing or if you have anything to say that is "inspirational."
The teacher is Linda Apple, author of the book, INSPIRE, Writing from the Soul.  She defines "inspire" as "to motivate, guide, and stimulate." "To write from our soul," she says, "is to use our knowledge and life experiences to inspire our readers in a positive way."
Why do we write memoir? Isn't it because we have learned some life lessons through our unique circumstances--or our unique perception of those events?  Don't we feel that we have something to share that would be useful to other people in their struggles and journeys?
This workshop is about recognizing the value of our stories and learning to tell them in a way that is creative and "inspirational."  
The first session will be for anyone of any worldview. You can believe in any god or no god and still draw lessons and meaning from your life. The afternoon session is modeled on the storytelling of Jesus Christ, and will be most interesting to people of a Christian worldview.
Cost for each half-day is $25.  $45 for the full day. 

Linda Apple is the author of Inspire! Writing from the Soul, and Connect! A Simple Guide to Public Speaking for Writers.

She has two novels, The Journeybeing pitched by her agent and The Women of Washington Avenueher current work in progress. She has sold 16 stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Find out more about her at or
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