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For More Information or to Register for Dana's Workshop
We are taking submissions for our FIRST EVER
Village Writing School
 Anthology and Contest

Submit your story (1000 word max) to Jessie.

  • There is a $5 reading fee for each piece submitted.
  • The pieces will be blind judged by one of our visiting instructors.
  • Prizes: $75, $50, $25. 

Deadline for submission is November 15.
From the Director . . . 

This column is moving to my own twice-monthly newsletter, which will contain only two features. Besides this little message on encouragement or writing craft, I will have a series called Agent Hunt, in which I take you behind the scenes as I shop my novel.
I will be sharing my rejection letters before I photograph them to be printed on canvas for a tote bag, placemats, sheets, a stage curtain. . .

There will also be an opportunity for YOU to share your own humiliating rejection letters and toot your own horn when the letter is actually an acceptance! Yay!

In your inbox every other Friday. 
Village Writers ~~ Stronger & Better Together

The Next Rogers/Bentonville Writers' Night Out
will be  
TUESDAY, November 3  6:30 p.m.
Panera Bread
1320 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville

Mark your calendar!

Eureka Springs
THURSDAY, October 29 5:00 p.m.
Village Writing School
(177 Huntsville Road)

This Thursday,
Writers' Night Out in Eureka will have a 

Halloween Party
of grand spooky


If you would like to participate in the 
spooky storytelling,
bring a story of 500 words or less. 

Feel free to wear a festive shirt, hat, glasses or maybe even come dressed as your favorite author! 

Jessie will prepare a frightful meal
in a frightfully wonderful atmosphere. 

  Everyone welcome to join us for the fun!  

Everything You Need to Write a Beautiful Story

Now Available as One-day OR Half-day Workshops
30 Hours of Instruction
One Saturday per Month
FAST Track: Two Workshops per Day to Complete the Series in Five Months
ZEN Track: One Workshop Each Month to Complete the Series in Ten Months
Topics Covered: First Page Decisions; Fourteen Ways to Build a Character; Dialogue; Setting; Figurative Language; Sentence Structure; Subtext; High Events; Closings; 15 Ways to Self-Edit Your Manuscript and More, More, More!

Dialogue and Setting

 November 14, 9 AM & 1 PM
For More Information or to Register for Dialogue and Setting
For More Information or to Register for the Series
Gail Pierce Larimer
Words Beyond Comparison

Have you written a very unique novel
and do you hope that your manuscript will become the most perfect ever published?


Say what?

There are words in the English language that are absolute. These words cannot be intensified or minimized by modifying words. They are uncomparable.

Here are some uncomparable adjectives: entire, equal, final, impossible, perfect, pregnant (you can’t be just a little pregnant!), supreme, total, unanimous and unique.

Such words should never be used with modifiers such as less, least, largely, more, most, quite or very.

Please don’t give me any arguments about this. Yes, yes, I know the U.S. Constitution anticipates “a more perfect union” and George Orwell’s Animal Farm reveals that “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” However, unless the quality of your writing rivals these examples, your best bet is to keep to the rules!

See CMS: Paragraph 5.88, Uncomparable adjectives.
     Quick |  P u b   O p     

A well-known publisher with good distribution.

They are seeking submissions of children's, YA, parenting, education, and self-help books, and adult fiction, especially set in the south.

     Quick  | B o o k        

My Unrelenting Darkness   
by Thomas D. Atherton
Memoir writers take note. An autobiographical account of a man’s journey to find himself. For two decades he suffered from amnesia, moving from place to place, working menial jobs, wondering who and what he really was. His greatest fear was what he might remember about his former life.
-- Nancy Harris, VWS Librarian

     Quick  | T e c h   T i p      

from Jessie Rex
Mapping Tool

SimpleMind™ is a mapping tool that would be a great way to work on or create your plot, characters, and scenes.

SimpleMind™ turns your computer, tablet or phone into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.

Free Limited Edition, $5.99 for full app.

To check out SimpleMind, visit their webisite, simpleapps.
Have a tech question? 
Email Jessie

     Quick |  Q U O T E      
Of course, a writer’s journal must not be judged by the standards of a diary. The notebooks of a writer have a very special function: in them he builds up, piece by piece, the identity of a writer to himself. Typically, writers’ notebooks are crammed with statements about the will: the will to write, the will to love, the will to renounce love, the will to go on living. The journal is where a writer is heroic to himself. In it he exists solely as a perceiving, suffering, struggling being.  
-- Susan Sontag     

Eureka Springs
Maumelle/Little Rock

Storytellers is an organization that
Celebrates the Art of Storytelling.

Our conference brings together people who love to
tell stories to network, share knowledge, and celebrate success.
More information HERE.
Registration @ 8:30am
Summit starts at 9:00am

$10 for adults
$5 for students
Tuesday, October 20
In Rogers, Mike Wilson proved that accountants could be funny.

Thursday, October 22
In Eureka, Alison went through a step by step process
of what to do with that first draft.   
Saturday, October 24 

Alison taught nine writers,
who came from as far away as Fort Smith and Tulsa
fourteen ways to make characters real.

October 29, Thu - Writers' Night Out - 5 PM (Eureka Springs)

November 3, Tue - WNO Bentonville -  6:30 PM Panera Bread (Rogers/Bentonville)

November 7, Sat - Dana Reynolds, Create, Design and Publish your own Book for Free on CreateSpace and Kindle - 10:00 AM (Eureka Springs)

November 14, Sat - Alison Taylor-Brown, Dialogue - 9:00 AM & Setting 1:00 PM (Rogers/Bentonville)

November 21, Sat - Jackie Wolven, Social Media Survey 9:30 AM  (Rogers/Bentonville)
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