June 22, 2015

Rogers/Bentonville Planning Meeting
June 29  6:30
Come join fellow writers in Bentonville/Rogers 
at a Planning Meeting
We need your input on 
  • Days/times for Writers' Nights Out
  • Suggestions for Speakers/Teachers
  • Suggestions for Workshop Topics
  • Other SUGGESTIONS on how we can help YOU as a Writer!!
  • We will share with you our ideas but you can
Make this YOUR Program
Panera Bread

1320 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville
(same parking lot as Whole Hog Cafe)
Meeting begins with a Dutch treat dinner at 6:30.

Did you know you can claim many tax deductions as a writer, even if you haven't published anything yet? 
This week at Writers' Night Out, Rusty Windle, CPA, will explain what writers can claim (even workshops!) and what records to keep.
Jessie is cooking salad, stew, and rolls. The meal begins at 5 pm.
Writers' Night Out always welcomes anyone interested in writing.
From the Director . . .

Things that Hold us Back

In this second of a series on things that hold us back from writing and publishing, we look at fear

We can clutch our writing so closely to our chest that we never let it out into the world, afraid to publish anything because what if:

  • later, we want to send it somewhere bigger/better but the first place kept the rights?
  • someone reads something we write and steals our idea?
  • we publish online and some organization gains the right to publish or market our work?
  • we enter into a publishing contract and get totally screwed. 

Most of us drive our cars despite the fact that people die in car wrecks every day. We risk leaving our houses because we understand that a full life requires some risk. Who wants to cower at home in fear? 

To live a full writing life, to see our work read, to hopefully make money with it, to receive appreciation for our stories,
we take calculated risks. Actually, the odds are greater that we'll have a car accident than that we'll get cheated as writers.

Do business with reputable publishers, google them for complaints, learn what a standard contract should say, and don't pay up front for anything. Then, stop worrying. If Amazon has not cheated the thousands of other writers that they sell, they probably won't cheat you. 

Your writing is copyrighted from the moment you type it on your keyboard. Ideas, however, can not be copyrighted. But still, don't worry that someone is going to steal your idea. I've seen people so paranoid, they wouldn't submit a story to a writing workshop for fear someone would steal their idea.

Nobody needs another story idea. We all have more ideas than we've got time to write. 

Loosen up and send those stories out to find their way in the world. If you do happen to lose the rights to one story, so what? You've got plenty more where that one came from.
Get in the car and go places.

Village Writers ~~ Stronger & Better Together

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Are you ready for the big time?
The PEN Literary Awards

PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction,
Founded by Barbara Kingsolver ($25,000)

To the author of an unpublished novel that addresses issues of social justice. The prize also includes a publishing contract with Algonquin Books.

PEN/Fusion Emerging Writers Prize ($10,000)

For a promising young writer under the age of 35 whose unpublished work of nonfiction addresses a global and/or multicultural issue.

   B o o k s On Writing        In Our Library

Writer’s Market
Writing ready for marketing? Novels, short stories, blogging, contests are all covered in this deluxe edition of the Writer’s Market designed to help you get published. 
-- Nancy Harris, VWS Librarian
   W e b  On Writing    
   Q u o t e s On Writing     

It’s a luxury, being a writer, because all you ever think about is life.  
--Amy Tan
Meet a Village Writer
Michael Hoerman
A published poet since 1985, Michael Hoerman has been writing poetry, journalism and grants for more than 20 years. A co-founder of the Ozark Poets and Writers Collective in Fayetteville in 1994, he was active in the Fayetteville and Joplin poetry slams while also writing entertainment features for The Undergrowth, a Joplin-based monthly. A 2004 poetry fellow of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Michael edited an oral history of New England men and initiated the N.E.A.'s Poetry Out Loud program in Lowell, MA. He has developed poetry workshops, festivals and reading series in seven states in the Ozarks, New England and the Gulf Coast regions. His poetry appears in publications such as the museum of americana, Fried Chicken and Coffee, and the Arkansas Literary Forum.

Eureka Springs.
Maumellel/Little Rock
Memoir Group takes the WRiT Challenge

After circling for a few months without a mentor, Memoir Circle #1 is reenergized under the great leadership of Dr. Gary Guinn. They are committed to finishing their books, not in two years but in ONE!
If you're ready to get serious to get finished, contact Alison about working with a
WRiT Mentor.
The Fayetteville Library is hosting a free writing workshop with Robert Jackson Bennett on July 15 from 10:00 to noon.                   

He will comment on a page of your work if you send it early. This looks especially good for writers of speculative fiction (sci/fi, horror, etc.). Seating is limited. 

Email Alison for more details.

This past Thursday, our writers heard a program on the use of essential oils for healing mind and body. Alison is a big fan of this product as a migraine preventative. Email Linda Garcia for more information.
One Blogger's take on Last Saturday
I attended a Blogging 101 Workshop on Saturday through the Village Writing School (Eureka Springs) with speaker Jacqueline Wolven. We were actually at the Whole Hog Café in Bentonville where we entered into a heavenly aroma of roasting pork. 

I have seven pages of word processed notes and a lot of useful information that I can start incorporating, some immediately, some with a little time. My biggest take away was defining myself (I came up with 12 things that define me) and that I need to put some time and effort into my About statement.

When Alison Taylor-Brown (director of VWS) asked if I had been writing, I answered, no, just writing my blog. She reminded me that that is writing. Well, yes it is. 
An online presence is more than just making noise on the internet. It's about finding out:
  • WHO you are,
  • WHAT you have to share, and
  • WHERE is your tribe. 
Let Jacqueline Wolven be your guide to a PLATFORM DONE RIGHT.

Jackie's next workshop is on Social Media. July 25.
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June 25, Thur - Writers' Night Out - 5-7 (Eureka Springs)

July 11, SatThe Word and The Sentence (Rogers/Bentonville)

July 25, Sat - Social Media (Rogers/Bentonville)

August 1, SatSubtext, High Events, Closing  (Rogers/Bentonville)

August 11, Tue - POWER Proposals with Mike McIntyre (Eureka Springs)

August 22, Sat - Branding (Rogers/Bentonville)

September 5, Sat - Self-Editing (Rogers/Bentonville)

Workshops are from 10-4 with an hour for lunch.
Fee $45 each with a 10% discount if the whole program is paid in advance. 

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