HAPPY THANKSGIVING                                          Issue #21  November 26, 2013

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The Village View

A Publication of The Village Writing School

Our book signees: Local writer Mary Shafer Smith & Welsh photographer Ray Worsnop
We had 40+ come through in two waves.
Two Village Writers remember that, despite the book signing, it was OUR celebration.  Love to Jude and Val for the wine and roses!
F i r s t   S u n d a y   R o u n d e l a y
Wendy Carlisle talks poetry with a room full of poets.

F i n a l   U p d a t e   o n   B u i l d i n g

Look how great Ray's photos look on our 70" screen.

Thanks to Debbie Quigley-Smith for our lovely piano.

Discussions of songwriting workshops underway.


Local artist Drew Gentle gets a clue about what we do.

Alison greets new residents with some writing experience
Our main room, unpacked, cleaned, with munchables.  Thanks to Val for vacuuming at the last minute.

What better place for the name tags than by the coffee?

Our sink dressed to the nines by Carol Martin.

Bring your favorite coffee mug and store it in these upper cabinets.

What an organized bunch we are. . .if we read the board.

Poor Hungry Pig
Thanks to Cris for the cabinet.
Much more sophisticated than a TP pyramid.

Poodle Containment

Even Alison's office was clean. Traveler snoozes on.

Debbie works on our floor and plans the holiday on the phone with her daughter.

Room to grow.

Seeking poetry, memoir, and writing craft.

Thanks to Lizzie for the paintings.
S P R I N G   D R E A M S

Upcoming Events

Writers at Work Night Out

   NEW TIME: 5 - 7   
Everyone Welcome
No Meeting on November 28

December 7

DECEMBER 8, 2013
Poetry Roundelay
              2 - 4 p.m. at Village Writing School
              Poetry and Short Prose (Flash Fiction)

 Christmas Stories - A free gift from the Village Writing School

JANUARY 18, 2014
Getting Started
     The first 2 pages, research, to outline or not, story arc, writing rules to live by.
For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at or 479 292-3665.
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