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March 2, 2015





Workshops in NW Arkansas

  • Subtext, High Events, Closing - March 7, Rogers/Bentonville @ 9-4
  • Be Your Own Coach - Essential Strategies for Writers & Other Creatives - March 14, Eureka Springs @ 1-4
  • Playwriting - March 28, Eureka Springs @ 10-4
  • Self-Editing - April 4, Rogers/Bentonville @ 9-4
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Free Gift for Friends, Old & New

We LOVE our Friends. When that check or notice from PayPal arrives, it's a pat on the back that says, "We believe in what you're all about." Sometimes, we really need to hear that.

So we're always looking for how to say Thank You in a way that is meaningful and useful to you, whether or not you are a writer yourself.

What could be better than a half-day of Inspiration, Motivation, and Practical Advice on living the meaningful life you imagine and reaching your own personal dreams?

Be Your Own Coach, Essential Strategies for Writers and Other Creatives will nudge you to seize your creative day and give you practical tools, including fun online resources and apps to do just that.

Taught by our own Goddess of Organization, Jessie Rex, Certified Life Coach, this workshop/party will give you just the boost you need after this long hard winter to spring into creative life.

If you're a monthly Friend or if you sign up to become one (for as little as $10 per month), you may take Be Your Own Coach at no charge.

A great way for us to say THANK YOU and to inspire you at the same time.

March 14, 1-4 pm, at our building.
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Writers' Night Out
Writers' Night Out 
This Thursday Jessie will prepare
Black Bean and Tortilla Bake
with some homemade hot chocolate.

The program will be a special WILD surprise!
From the Director . . .


Last Thursday night, one of us brought an article about recent studies on the benefits of writing. Expressive writing proved useful in issues like raising grades or weight loss as the writer dug deeper, through excuses and faulty perceptions, to a truer understanding of themselves.

With so much emphasis on publishing, let's remember that the act of writing needs no justification.

Since Alice holds me to a brief post here, let's make a list:

1.  Writing is cathartic. As one of us says, "It's cheaper than therapy." It's like we dump the purse of our lives out on the table and decide what to keep as valid and what old, untrue perceptions to toss.

2.  Writing is illuminating. "I write to see what I don't know," one of us says. Does she write philosophy? No, suspense novels. But through corpses and forensics, her characters explore universal questions.

3.  Writing is empowering. When we rethink our lives, we see connections and meaning that we don't notice as it unspools scene by scene. In our stories, real or fictional, we get to choose what's gets told and how. We create this world. We are god. We can write whatever ending we want. We can choose hope.

4. Writing is fun. The above article showed that writing creates endorphins similar to those created during "runner's high." One of us, both a runner and a writer, agreed.

There are many good reasons, aside from publishing, to write whatever you are feeling called to write, whether your own story or a fictional one.

Don't worry at this time about the end result. There are so many good reasons to just follow that call.

Quick Tips

 Pub Ops On Writing
Bloggers are always looking for good posts and fresh content. Search for blogs on topics that you can write about and send the blogger a sample post. You don't have to know them. This is a great way to get your name (and blog or website) to a whole new audience.
  B o o k s On Writing 



DSM (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) by American Psychiatric Association

Is your character a psycho or only a little wacky? This reference manual for psychiatrists gives symptoms and behaviors for all the ways we can be slightly--or seriously--crazy.

                   Nancy Harris - VWS Librarian 

  Q u o t e s On Writing  
“I don't see why escapist literature shouldn't also be a work of art.” 
― P.D. James
 W e b  On Writing 

Writer Beware
Check out the website and the blog for some interesting discussions, such as the Feb 12 post on editing clauses in publishing contracts.

Never take anything as the gospel truth, but be aware of the discussion.
Meet a Village Writer
Talya Tate Boerner
Talya Tate Boerner is a delta girl who grew up making mudpies on her family’s cotton farm in Northeast Arkansas. Now a Fayetteville resident, Talya blogs at Grace, Grits and Gardening and has been published in Arkansas Review, Front Porch and several on-line publications including Only in Arkansas. She is editing her first novel about cotton farming, hellfire and accidental salvation. Talya participates in our Fayetteville Writing Circle and all our Rogers workshops.

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Another of Wendy's poems published.
She walks the walk.


And, she's here to mentor your poetry every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 2 pm.

A generous donor has offered to cover

half the cost of some workshops.
Email Alison

Save the Date!
BLOGGING with Jackie Wolven has been rescheduled to April 11. Spring!!

Although snow after snow has forced us to reschedule two workshops, we did fill the house Thursday for Writers' Night Out. We talked about 
  • works in progress,
  • works soon to be started, and
  • how memoir can only be universal when it is individual and personal.
March 5 - Writers' Night Out 5-7
March 8 - Poetry Roundelay 2-4
March 14 - Be Your Own Coach                           Workshop 1-4
March 28 - Playwriting Workshop 10-4
April 11 - Blogging 10-4
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Mar 7 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
April 4 - Self-Editing
May 1 - Writing Heirloom History 
May 2 - First Page/Character
June 6 - Dialogue & Setting 

Workshops are from 9-4 with an hour for lunch.
Fee $45 each with a 10% discount if the whole program is paid in advance. 

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