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We will reschedule the Feature Writing Workshop for February 13, 3-5 pm. Mark your calendars.
No Writers' Night Out or Sunday Poetry Roundelay This Week
In an effort to defray some of our expenses (such as the Citizen), we have launched a Virtual Thrift Store, which you can visit at
Here's how it works:
  • You decide to donate an item to our thrift store. This can a good used item, a craft item, furniture, or fashion. 
  • The item should be worth a minimum of $10.
  • Send a photo and brief description to
  • We post it in our virtual store for one month. We may also facebook it and feature it in our newsletter.
  • If no one buys it in a month, you may keep it or donate it to someone else.
  • If someone buys it, you will receive a receipt from the Village Writing School for your donation.
If you see an item that you want to BUY, you can email or just post a comment below the item to say you want it. We will arrange with you and the donor for the item to be transferred to you.
We hope the descriptions will be fun and clever. You may write your own description. Or just list the facts, and one of our odd writers will write it.
We all have clutter. We all want bargains. Donate and shop and support your writing school in this easy, painless way. Bookmark the link and visit often. 
If everyone donated just ONE item right away, our store would be up and running immediately.  
NOTE:  We are also looking for a Virtual Thrift Shop Manager to post the items. If you want to learn/practice with WordPress and support our mission in this fun way, email Alison at the address above.
Here is one of the slides from the Setting/Dialogue Workshop. What can you tell about the story from this setting?

Comments from Last Saturday's Setting/Dialogue Workshop
Today was so helpful to my project--enjoyed the SMALLER group--superb presentation--perfect pacing--good exercises with just the right amount of time allowed--GREAT EXAMPLES--the info and handouts are excellent--the VWS setting is great--this is a writing place--this is a new adventure and I'm totally enjoying myself--let's add yoga--let's add rum punch!

If you missed it, you can still take it on February 15.  Register online at
Wendy's Poetry Challenge
I have fallen like a fish into deep water, so that the one I love will throw the net.    Hafiz

As Valentine's Day approaches, I'm always fumbling around for just the right thing to give my wonderful husband. As a poet, I should probably write him a love poem. But can I do this? Not me. Not easily. This exercise has proven helpful. 
Freewrite six or more sentences that mimic Hafiz. Ex. I have climbed the tall tree in the orchard so that my love can bring me a ladder. Put the sentences in some sort of order. Make a poem out of these sentences or use them as a jumping off place for your own poem. 
Bring them to share at our Roundelay on Sunday afternoon, March 9, from 2-4.
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Feb 6 - Feature Writing, Rebecca Mahoney 3-5 ($20)- CANCELLED
Feb 8 - Writing Circles - CANCELLED
Feb 9 - Sunday Roundelay - CANCELLED
Feb 13 - Features Writing Workshop 3-5 p.m. 
Feb 15 - Dialogue and Setting  9-4
Feb 16 - Fayetteville Writing Circle -
Feb 22 or March 15 - The Word and the Sentence
March 1 or April 19 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
March 2 - 
Fayetteville Writing Circle
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March 9 
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March 15 - The Word and the Sentence
March 16 - 
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March 22 or May/June (TBA) - Self-Editing  
March 23 
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April 13 - Sunday Roundelay 
April 19 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
April 20 - 
Fayetteville Writing Circle
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April 27 
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May or June - Self-Editing
May 3 - Pat Carr, Short Story
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