Two Great Workshops - May 31                                                 View this email in browser.
10 - Noon 
Writing and Marketing the Self-Help, How-To Book or Article. Get on the bandwagon! This is the best-selling category of book. Share your wisdom.
2 - 4 
Win a contest, get a grant, get a paid residency to write in a cool location. This workshop will give you the tools for this and more!
Kelly Madigan knows what she's talking about!  Check out her publication record here.

 Register Now Online 
THIS Thursday (as in May 29)

Bring something to share for five minutes:
  • Your work
  • A book review
  • Or a short poem or piece of prose that you like.
We'll be talking about our summer plans, so don't miss out!

June 5
Writers have always met up at small tables in dark rooms with big drinks and exotic food.
Village Writers continue this important tradition at KJ's Caribe Cantina NEXT Thursday at 5. 
Drinking and smoking are not required but RESERVATIONS are
Click Here and write the speakeasy secret code:
H e m i n g w a y 
KJ has requested a NUMBER for the special $10 dinner that she prepares for us, so be sure to get counted.
Note from Alison:
I'm proud of us! I'm proud of how we show up, determined to take the next step. Those of you who showed up on Thursday for Rebecca's memoir session were so engaged. Everyone of you asked intelligent, thoughtful questions that you wouldn't have known to ask a year ago. Your very struggles demonstrate understanding of what a memoir is and of the creative process. Our class could have been a graduate level class at a university. No wonder Rebecca is impressed with you.
I'm so proud of how, when I was gone for two weeks, you pulled off four events without me. What a great spirit of teamwork it took to handle the technical stuff, the food, the registration, the hospitality. Not to mention transferring the key!
Great job by everyone!
I'm so proud of what we're building little by little on Thursday nights--the high point of my week. I love how we show up, with our stories, our ideas, our Cheetos. I love how we put up with one another and try things that don't work and keep coming back because we're not just there to be entertained but we're committed to the ideal of a true writing community. I love how diverse we are and how we embrace new people and how we aren't there just to have an audience but because we truly care that we all thrive as writers. I love how I never know exactly what's going to happen.
We work, we share, we have fun, we have meaningful discussions, we make decisions about the direction we need to take next. 

Thank you for everything that you do and bring and say and try. 

Village Writers -- Stronger and Better Together

on the

ONLY four weeks away. Register early for this writing adventure.
Village Writing School
Village Writing School
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May 29 - Writers' Night Out

May 31 - Writing a Self-Help How-To Book
May 31 - Tips for Publishing & Winning Prizes

June 1 - Fayetteville Writing Circle

June  5 -  Writers' Night Out - C A R I B E  C A N T I N A
June 12 - Writers' Night Out

June 15 - Fayetteville Writing Circle

June 19 - Writers' Night Out
June 26 - Writers' Night Out

June 22 - Tales of the South Oral Storytelling Workshop with Paula Morell

More Info and Registration for Any Workshop HERE.
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