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February 23, 2015





Workshops in NW Arkansas

  • Blogging - Feb. 28, Eureka Springs @ 9-4
  • Subtext, High Events, Closing - March 7, Rogers/Bentonville @ 9-4
  • Be Your Own Coach - Essential Strategies for Writers & Other Creatives - March 14, Eureka Springs @ 1-4
  • Playwriting - March 28, Eureka Springs @ 10-4
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Do Good Work

She lives in a 600-square-foot cottage across a low-water bridge on thirteen acres in the Ozarks. She believes in home-cooked meals, quality time with people, and shutting down the screens. 
Yet, Jacqueline Wolven is a national consultant who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs promote their brands and grow.  With a background in graphic design (ask her about Ninja Turtles), she is an expert in marketing brands (you are a brand) through traditional and social media. She speaks at blogging conferences nationwide, writes for Huffington Post and, and was recently named a Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Blogger.
But back to the simple bit: she has been featured in Real Simple, Tiny Buddha, and is a regular contributor to LifeHack

Her advice? Life should be simpler and work should be smarter.
Jackie will teach an awesome blogging workshop at the Village Writing School THIS SATURDAY.  Put her funny wisdom and her technical savvy to work for you.
Writers' Night Out
Writers' Night Out 
This Thursday Jessie will prepare a 
Homemade Soup & Bread

Alison will finally share 
Four Ways to Begin Your Book & 
Some Thoughts on Memoir & Personal Essays
From the Director . . .


Are you sending hidden messages

A writer DOES send hidden messages. That's called
SUBTEXT. It's a powerful tool to control your readers' reactions.

Subtext is like an alternative universe. The writer presents the story directly through what characters say and do and what the narrator tells. But another world goes on beneath the surface. Readers pick up the clues. Subtext works both on the reader's analytical mind as he puts together, for example, that the character is unreliable and on the reader's subconscious, causing him to feel that something is amiss. 

Characterization is a great source of subtext. What does the character really want versus what he says he wants? This inner conflict is the stuff of great fiction, especially when it is a conflict common to the human experience.

Dialogue reveals subtext when it becomes indirect, as each character discusses a different issue or they avoid the elephant in the room. Subtext can be imparted through the character's tone, hesitation, overreaction, evasiveness.

A character's facial and body language also reveals his underlying truth. When I'm trying to convey subtext, I find it's helpful to dissect the character's face into tiny bits. The slightest tension about the mouth can tell the reader volumes.

Any element of fiction can convey subtext. Setting not only creates underlying mood, but it can be an allegory to mirror a psychological condition.

Subtext is powerful, but beginning writers often create unintentional subtext and send their readers unintended messages. Subtext is like a firearm. We want you to learn to handle it correctly, so it's on the menu for the March 7 workshop in Rogers. Because you don't want to accidentally shoot your story in the foot. Quick Tips

 Pub Ops On Writing
27 Free Writing Contests
Short stories, picture books, poetry, Christian.

A contest for everyone!

  B o o k s On Writing 



Writing from Personal Experience by Nancy Kelton

Entertaining and inspirational. Writing exercises, finding your voice, writing with clarity, editing and revising, tips to help you become a successful writer.

  Q u o t e s On Writing  

We write to
make sense of it all.
 W e b  On Writing 

Daily Writing Tips
A REALLY useful site to help you find the best places to submit your work.
Meet a Village Writer
Donna Patrick

Donna Patrick resides with her youngest daughter and pack of animals on five beautiful acres in Northwest Arkansas. She has two e-books available on Amazon, LA Lune and What Celia Knows. She is currently working on a novel that gives a nod to Steampunk and her nostalgia for Sci-fi. A sample of her non-fiction is set to appear in the March issue of Hippocampus Magazine. Donna is a member of our Fayetteville Writing Circle that meets at the Fayetteville Library.

Around Our Villages

  • Eureka Springs
  • Rogers/Bentonville
  • Fayetteville 
  • Little Rock/Maumelle  

Our poetry leader, Wendy Taylor Carlisle has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, which Joyce Carol Oates says is "Of far more significance than other awards."

Self-Pub Authors--Save the Date!
You are invited to have a table at the Made by Me festival in downtown Eureka Springs on Saturday, May 16. Email Alison if you are interested. We'll have more info on the festival later.

Rogers/Bentonville Associate Director, Kenzie (right), participates in One Billion Rising--a global event to address violence against women.

Feb 26 - Memoir Circle 2:30
Feb 26 - Writers' Night Out 5-7
Feb 28 - Blogging Workshop 9-4
March 1 - Fayetteville Writing Circle 1-3
March 8 - Poetry Roundelay 2-4
March 14 - Be Your Own Coach Workshop 1-4
March 28 - Playwriting Workshop 10-4
Complete Schedule, Info, & Registration for Any Workshop
Mar 7 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
April 4 - Self-Editing
May 1 - Writing Heirloom History 
May 2 - First Page/Character
June 6 - Dialogue & Setting 

Workshops are from 9-4 with an hour for lunch.
Fee $45 each with a 10% discount if the whole program is paid in advance. 

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