First Writers Night - Thursday
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 Issue 5                 August 6, 2013
August 17--BLOG Right!!
Jackie Wolven

August 24

September 7--INSPIRE! 
Writing from the Soul
Linda Apple

September 21--CHARACTER
Jan Morrill, author or 
The Red Kimono, U of A Press
Pam Foster 
October 19--MINDFUL Writing
Find your deep writing voice
Elizabeth Diane Newell-Mack
For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at 
or 479 292-3665.

BLOG RIGHT!! Offered once more this year.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Jackie.  She has helped me a great deal already, and I am looking forward to being a student in this workshop.  Here is the press release we sent to the newspapers.  --Alison

Jackie Wolven to Teach Blogging Workshop
Jacqueline Wolven, Executive Director of the Eureka Springs Downtown Network and an instructor for the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, will teach blogging for the Village Writing School on August 17 from 9-4.
Wolven, a freelance designer whose work can be seen in Ninja Turtle toy packaging and a host of other global brands, is the founder of Do Good Work, a consulting firm specializing in "real life marketing for small towns, small businesses, and you."  Wolven spoke at the National Main Streets Conference in New Orleans on Social Media in 15 Minutes: Grow Your Online Presence without Going Crazy.
"Because blogging is more than just making noise on line, but is all about identifying your personal brand and finding your unique voice and readership, Jackie is the perfect person to help our writers develop their online presence," said Alison Taylor-Brown, Director of the Village Writing School.  "We are fortunate to have her expertise right here in Eureka."
The workshop will be 9-4 and will be held in the Garden Bistro on North Main in Eureka Springs.  Cost for the all-day workshop is $45 and space is limited.
Writers at Work Night Out 
think a lot of us are pretty fired up since PUBLISH!! and ready to buckle down to some serious writing.  I know I am. Writers at Work Night Out will help us keep up this head of steam.
Writers at Work Night Out - Thurs, Aug 8 - 6 - 9 pm
I'm sure the gathering itself will be a work in progress as we try new things and tweak them. Here are some ideas I have:

The first several weeks, we will be looking at the problem of scheduling regular writing time. Some of you are fairly new writers and are struggling with how to transition to a writing life. This goes beyond time management to how you define yourself, your sense of mission, your bucket list. We will share insights and engage in some useful, thoughtful exercises. Some will involve candy.
A Lending Library 
I'm going to bring ten writing craft books to lend out. We will have a librarian who will check these out and keep up with who has what. If you have books you are willing to share on writing or on motivation in general, feel free to bring them now or later. We will also have an occasional brief book review.
Village Writing School
Projects & Discussion
I have a couple of questions on which I'd like your input. This will be the group I consult on problems and opportunities as they arise. I also have a little project for us to do for our NY agent to thank him for his great presentation and his time.

We're working on an affordable menu, and I'll talk to Lana about finding a less expensive wine for us, since there were several comments after the PUBLISH reception. We'll have plenty of free cookies. I plan to rev us up on enough caffeine and sugar to stoke us for a week.

And finally, I don't want us to get into a rut. I want each week to be fun, creative, and inspirational. While I'd like to think that we'll have a core time, beginning about six, I also know that some people will drop by early, before they go somewhere else. Others will come later. I'll be there from 5-9 to share at least a part of the evening with everyone. 

So, bring your writing challenges, your goals, your tiny victories. Writing is like religion. The mountaintop experiences are there, but most of the journey takes place in the valleys and foothills. We slog on, step after step, word after word.  Thursday night will be our break, our reward, our support group, and our tribal gathering.  
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