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   Issue 9                                    September 3, 2013
Congratulations to Village Writer Laurie Reichart who just finished her novel, "Gone Missing." 473 pages. We're all inspired!!
 WHY Do We Write?
Last Thursday's guest speaker,
Greg Pare, challenged Village Writers to understand the core motivation driving their desire to write. This important question sparked some great discussion and soul searching.
Every Thursday
Writers at Work Night Out
6-9 pm  Garden Bistro
Everyone Welcome

September 7--INSPIRE! 
Writing from the Soul
Linda Apple

September 21--CHARACTER
Jan Morrill, author or The Red Kimono, U of A Press
Pam Foster 
October 19--MINDFUL Writing
Find your deep writing voice
Elizabeth Diane Newell-Mack
For more information or to register for any workshop, contact Alison at 
or 479 292-3665.

W r i t e !
Write the rippling circles of life around you. What happens in your home, your city, your state, your country, your world? Do it for our future children. Don't put them at the mercy of the news media and the talking heads.
Even if you write a bit of information each day in the tiny square of your calendar, one day someone will read it. I found a book in the Springfield, Missouri library that was published from a year's worth of calendars that a woman had kept and saved. She had information about the weather, the price of eggs, and the political news of the time.
Write about your failures, mistakes, trials, disappointments. Tell us how you mustered the strength to overcome. What lessons did you learn?
We have a choice about these shadowy valleys in our lives. Tell how you resisted the temptation to let adversity darken your perspective and instead how it deepened your character.
I wrote earlier that my favorite season is autumn. With one whoosh the air is filled with swirling leaves.  They carpet the ground in blazing red, bright golds, and warm browns. Just because they fell doesn't mean they are no longer needed. They still nurture the tree by incorporating back into the earth, providing nutrients for future leaves.  By sharing our lives through the tips of our fingers on our keyboards, we strengthen others.
Write about your triumphs, your successes, the loves in and of your life. Make us smile. Make us laugh out loud till tears stream down our faces. Give us that merry heart medicine.
Write from your soul. Be the hand that reaches through generations to comfort, encourage, and guide.
INSPIRE! Workshop
with Linda Apple
Coming On
September 7
(This coming Saturday)
Complete information at
This Thursday at Writers' Night Out we welcome Annette Marquis to our Garden Bistro gathering.

Annette Marquis, a memoirist and essayist, will speak about her journey to writing memoir and why she has come to believe in the importance of this form. 

Annette is the author of 
Resistance: A Memoir of Civil Disobedience in Maricopa County. Her work has been published by The Other Journal and The UU World, in addition to several anthologies. She lives in Richmond, VA, grew up not far from here in Rogers, and is currently in residence at the Writers' Colony.
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