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March 23, 2015




N o r t h w e s t   A r k a n s a s
  • Playwriting - March 28, Eureka Springs @ 10-4
  • Self-Editing - April 4, Rogers/Bentonville @ 9-4
  • Blogging - April 11, Eureka Springs @ 9-4
  • Publishing Excerpts from Your Memoir - April 25, Eureka Springs @ 1-4
  • Monday Night Writing Classes begin April 13. 6-8 pm
  • PUBLISHING RETREAT/Books in Bloom May 15-17
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Writers' Night Out                         
Writers' Night Out
Jessie will serve a GREEK themed menu this Thursday at 5 pm. 

Kenzie will lead us in a writing exercise dating back to the ancient Greeks. 
Anyone interested in writing

is always welcome to join us

at Writers' Night Out.
From the Director . . .

Can an art form be learned? How much of artistry is innate talent and how much is a mastery of craft techniques?
Raw talent exists. I've read stories by beginners who had the eyes and ears—and the voice—of a writer and who could portray and penetrate the soul. But even these people committed mistakes common to beginners. Their talent was raw, unpolished, and poorly controlled.

What can be learned?  You can learn not to make beginner's mistakes:
  • Not knowing where the story starts. Novices want to begin with history, geography, background info. The first thing I usually suggest is to decapitate the baby. Cut that introductory stuff and find the true beginning, which will be a scene, with characters and dialogue and conflict.
  • Fear of scenes. Beginners lean far too heavily on narrative exposition. Hence the adage: Show, don't tell. Never write more than ½ page of explanation or description.
  • Lectures in dialogue. Attempting not to give lectures in narrative, beginners load their dialogue with information. So characters give mini lessons and talk like professors.
  • No narrative arc. A story has a beginning, a middle, an end. While real life is just a series of scenes, a story must build to a climax. Even a memoir must examine life in such a way that the character develops.
  • Cardboard characters. Real people are nuanced. Not all good or bad.
You can also be taught the fads of the publishing industry. War and Peace would not be published today. A workshop can teach you why and what that fact means to your own writing.
A writing workshop won't give you talent, but it can help you develop that talent and showcase it for today's market.

Quick T
 Pub Ops On Writing
Winning Writers

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest

 $1000 Prize for humorous poem.
No Fee, Deadline April 1
  B o o k s On Writing 


What Every BODY is Saying

An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Body Language
by Joe Navarro

Because characters need to do more than frown.

For those of you not in Eureka, Barnes and Noble is selling this book in the stores for $7.98

  Q u o t e s On Writing  
If you are unable to tell me what it is you’re writing (and do not say you "really can’t" because "it has never been done before," because every time an author says that, a kitten explodes), then how am I going to frame it and sell it? There are of course subgenres within genres, but an author straddling too many genres is akin to Shark-Octopus-Bear lurching out of the ocean, growling and biting and thrashing its eight arms hither and thither. And no one wants to approach that—not an agent, not a publisher, and not Greenpeace.” 
Barbara Poelle (Irene Goodman Literary Agency)
 W e b  On Writing 


Kill Zone

Not just for

thriller writers.

A great collection of

useful blogs on all

aspects of writing.

Meet a Village Writer
Gordon Norrell

Gordon and his wife, Julie, recently moved to Eureka Springs, Gordon was quick to introduce himself to the Village Writing School. A regular at Writers' Night Out, Gordon is working on a memoir about his sixty years as an animal lover and the spiritual truths he has learned from all creatures great and small.

Eureka Springs
Little Rock

Playwriting with Keith Scales

will be held at Main Stage

Creative Community Center

at 67 North Main Street in

Eureka Springs. More info HERE.


Dr. Tom Eaton, Village Writing School Associate Director in Maumelle, has been named an international Guest Scholar at the 2015 Vinnytsia State University Student Language and Culture Conference in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Despite politics, writers write.

Village Writing School rocks it at Brews Open Mic.

Ken kept us in "stitches" at Thursday's WNO with his tale of Dr. Frankengoblet's sinister creations, sewn together from the parts of dead clichés. 

March 26 - Memoir - 2:30
March 26 - Writers' Night Out - 5-7
March 28 - Playwriting Workshop - 10-4
March 29 -
 Fayetteville Writing Circle -1-3

April 03 - Fiction Writing Circle - 5:15
April 11 - Blogging - 9-4
April 25 - Publishing Excerpts from Your Memoir - 1-4

May 15-17- 
Publishing Retreat/Books in Bloom 
Complete Schedule, Info, & Registration for Any Workshop
April 4 - Self-Editing
May 1 - Writing Heirloom History 
May 2 - First Page/Character
June 6 - Dialogue & Setting 
July 11 - The Word and the Sentence

Workshops are from 9-4 with an hour for lunch.
Fee $45 each with a 10% discount if the whole program is paid in advance. 

Info & Registration for All Rogers' Workshops
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