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January 19, 2015





Workshops in Northwest Arkansas

  • The Word & The Sentence - Feb. 7, Rogers @ 9-4
  • Back to the Past - Feb. 14, Eureka Springs @ 9-12
  • Historical Fiction - Feb. 14, Eureka Springs @ 1-4
  • Screenwriting - Feb. 21, Rogers @ 1-4
  • Blogging - Feb. 28, Eureka Springs @ 9-4
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Feature Article
Maumelle Opening
            Feb 2
Everything You Need to Write (and Publish) a Beautiful Story

The new Village Writing School program in Maumelle will consist of three 8-week courses meeting one night per week and covering every aspect of creative writing and publishing.

The program will be taught by Dr. Thomas Eaton. See Tom's

There is a special package price for the complete 24 weeks, which includes several free gifts and some personal editing from the instructor.

Please forward to everyone you know in the
Little Rock - Conway area who wants to improve their writing.
Maumelle Program: Nights, Times, Prices
Writers' Night Out 

Jessie's making
  homemade pot pie  
this Thursday.

Dinner begins at 5 pm.

Our Presentation will be
From Inspiration to Creativity
"Popular Mechanics" and Alex 
   From the Director . . .

In the last two weeks, thirty-nine people have attended our workshops, many of them for the first time. As often happens, as we think about what we want to write, deeply personal, painful stuff comes up. We heard snippets of some amazing, powerful stories in these workshops, and I, personally, WANT to read them.
So the message of this note is:   Don't Give Up  
Your story matters. If I didn't believe that with all my heart, I'd never have invested all that I have in the Village Writing School. Let's all get a tattoo down our arm: My Story Matters
Writing is healing, empowering, illuminating for the writer. It's one of the best ways to process our experiences and make sense of them. Once we do that, the future is clearer and full of possibility.
But writing is far more than self-help. Writing is connecting. What you have learned in coming through those past experiences is a wealth of healing and hope to someone who is experiencing something similar. And even if you are writing something so deeply personal that you are certain you will never publish it, you are engaged in a dialogue with yourself on that material. And that makes you better able to have a dialogue with someone else suffering in a similar situation.
It's easy to take a workshop, it's hard to keep writing. But don't stop. Get that story down on paper. If you need help, that's why the Village Writing School exists. Make the time. Push on through.   Your story matters, and deep in your heart, you know that.  

Quick Tip
 Pub Ops On Writing

C a r v e  is seeking good honest fiction in the form of short stories.


  B o o k s On Writing 


Bird by Bird,
Anne Lamott

A must read for memoir writers stressed with self-criticism & self-doubt. Explores the trials of a writing life. Conversational, humorous, encouraging.
-- Nancy Harris, Librarian, VWS
  Q u o t e s On Writing  

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

--Anton Chekhov

 W e b  On Writing 

Color Thesaurus

Meet a Village Writer

Nancy Harris

Nancy is the VWS librarian and is working on a contemporary American western featuring a female protagonist. Nancy attends a Fiction Circle twice a month and attributes her progress to her Circle colleagues' support and inspiration.
Around Our Villages

Planning & Plotting Workshop
with Dr. Gary Guinn

Last Saturday in Eureka, 14 writers
 from at least 7 different towns


Another   full house   on Writers' Night Out to celebrate Ken's  birthday & share our work!

Jan 22 - Writers' Night Out 5-7

Jan 25 - Poetry Roundelay 2-4

Jan 29 - Writers' Night Out 5-7

Jan 30 - Fiction Writing Circle 5:30

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Feb 7 - The Word and the Sentence
Feb 21 - Screenwriting
Mar 7 - Subtext, High Events, Closings
April 4 - Self-Editing
May 2 - First Page/Character

Workshops are from 9-4 with an hour for lunch.
Fee $45 each with a 10% discount if the whole program is paid in advance. 

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