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So You Took our Workshop & You Hated it 

I can think of about a million reasons why this might be true, not the least of which is that my voice resembles a metal chair dragged across a concrete floor. Maybe I went too fast. Or too slow. The workshop was too long. Too crowded. Too hot. Too cold. If it's been awhile since you took that workshop, maybe it was Mike Hancock's drawling delivery. Or unfocused powerpoints. Or that last hour when it just seemed like the planet would not turn. Any one of these is a perfectly valid reason to have had a bad time.

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Tales from the South--Sunday, March 16 in Springdale!!  
Details, including Menu  HERE  

Order your tickets HERE.  
We will leave from our building at 4:30 pm.
Please let me know if you are coming!
This will be a SUPER FUN EVENING with barbecue, blues/jazz, and three stories, including our own Linda's.
Come watch and learn so you can submit YOUR story.
Join us Thursday Night for 
L i v i n g   A l o h a !
Jessie Rex will inspire us from Aloha Kona, Hawaii !  

Jessie, a Certified Life Coach who gave us a great talk last summer and who now lives in Hawaii will Skype in and give us a little Island attitude.
Dinner and Leis at 5 pm.
Don't miss the fun!  
If you missed our workshop, The Word and the Sentence, it's not too late!  It will be offered for the last time this year on Saturday, March 15.
  • Are you sure that your sentences, the important building blocks of story, are the BEST they can be? 
  • Do you tend to create sentences that all sound the same or follow the same pattern?
  • Do you know how to utilize figurative language to raise your story to another level of meaning and literary ambition?
The Word and the Sentence will have you creating colorful, varied, evocative sentences by the end of the day.

Register online at

Would you like to learn to upload your book to Kindle? If so, let Alison know. We are considering a little tutorial if there is enough interest.
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So now what can you do, if you want to learn to write without going back to college?
  • Go back to college. Ok, I know you say that's not an option, but I just have to mention that if you're over a certain age in Arkansas, you can attend a state college for free. Maybe a creative writing class is exactly what you ought to do.
  • Study online. Here you have a number of options. Many universities, including my alma mater, Southern New Hampshire University, offer undergraduate creative writing online. Also, there are private programs. Writers' Digest has many online workshops, and I've taken a couple from Gotham Writers' Workshop in NYC that I thought were excellent.
  • Give us another chance. This year I have revamped our entire program with snappier powerpoints and student workbooks that you can take home as a reference when you're doing your own writing. If an all-day workshop is too daunting, I plan to offer the program in smaller chunks next time. We even have these workshops on tape. So talk to me and let's see how we might work something out that meets your needs.
  • Don't study yet. For everything, there is a season and a time under heaven. It took me years to get my ducks in a row to go back and learn to write. I always wanted to, but the time wasn't right. Sometimes we say that, and we're just procrastinating. But sometimes, it's true. There's no use frustrating yourself if you really don't have the time or the motivation to start right now.
But even if you're not ready to go full bore, I very much encourage you to come hang out with us at our Thursday night Writers' Night Out. Our program is not a package that requires you to take a workshop. You can come eat soup and listen to our guest speakers or our discussions of our work. The evening is free except for a $3 donation toward the groceries. That's reasonable for homemade gluten-free vegetarian soup and bread from Cravings bakery.

And yes, someone will ask you what you'd like to write someday. And you'll tell them. And in talking about it, that spark will hit the tinder and before you know it, you'll be thinking about it again. And this time, maybe the time will be right. And you'll learn the craft--from us or somewhere else. Where doesn't matter.

That you DO IT is what matters.

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