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Another happy client

I have decided to tell you about a client in each newsletter so you can see what kind of health issues I get to work with every week.  Some will be successful, others more challenging!  Let me know if they ring any bells with you.

This newsletter I am going to tell you about a farmer that I did some food intolerance testing with before Christmas.  He was very sceptical about the whole process but came along because the pain in his knees was getting past a joke - he was taking pain medication like they were sweets.  We tested a number of different foods and drinks and he was handling everything very well - even alcohol which he was very relieved about!  I think he was worried I was going to tell him the beer had to go!!  Then we tested him for milk and the muscle just collapsed.  So much so that I made sure I retested something else to double check that there wasn't an issue with the muscle itself.  No - retesting the milk caused the muscle to collapse again.  This was not a little give - this was an absolute collapse. As everything else we tested was either fine or only a small issue I recommended that he avoid dairy products for 4 weeks and we would see what happened.  By the next session I had a very happy client - within days of cutting out the dairy the pain had started to ease and now he is pain free unless he has the odd heavy night out with the boys and succumbs to the cheese platter!

So you can see that sometimes the problems in your body can have a very simple fix.  After a while he may be able to re-introduce the dairy on a limited basis - or with a digestive enzyme that helps his body digest the dairy properly.  Only time will tell.


Thought for the Day

A life filled with gratitude is guaranteed to be a life filled with happiness.

New yoga/pilates venue in Cefn-y-bedd!

I am a happy bunny as there is now an excellent venue for yoga really close to me.  They have classes throughout the week - I go to yoga on Thursday evening at 7.15 which is quite a yin class and just what I need to slooooooow me down!  If you want to find out class times click here.  They are also doing what promises to be a lovely retreat day which I have already booked on.  And I've just heard that there aren't many places left.
Just had this great link in from the lovely people at Twizzlebird Creative (who did my website and are very helpful if I get stuck computer wise!) in their newsletter.  The short article is well worth a read as it reminds us that our lives need to have space for all of these.  Find the article here.

 Water Re-Energising Coaster!

At the moment the ecommerce website is down for maintenance so until that is complete you will need to contact me to buy them.   They come already gift wrapped in a beautiful red box with silver ribbon for £9.99 plus £2.00 postage.  If you want to buy more than one then please contact me direct for postage costs.  Thanks.

Have a fabulously energised day!
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