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What disruptions can your business face that will effect your bottom line.

Disaster Stats

What could happen today to disrupt your business and
cause you to lose money or close your doors?

We think of the usual disruptions of storms, fire and theft, but there are more than you think.

In 2010 information about incidents that caused a disruption to various Business Operations were collected from a random selection of 1000 companies.  The results, in terms of the percentage of the disruption were:

Did you guess that Loss of Technology, People and Telecom would be the top 3?

Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Backing up data daily is not enough.  Keep your most important documents in a safe that has been tested and listed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as being resistant to fire, heat, burglary tools and torches.  And keep copies of critical data and important records at a secure, offsite location to avoid loss to the same disaster that destroys the original.
Tip #2: We would advise a business to have redundancy in how they reach the internet and have multiple physical paths in case one internet service provider drops out.
Tip #3: Organizations are strongly urged to check the efficiency or shortcomings of their “in-case-of-disaster” plans.

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