Tremendous opportunities to equip over 300 women in Nicaragua 
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Nicaragua summary... with Eufemia and Marjorie
Equipping Nicaraguan women to connect to God and one another more deeply

Special thanks to the Church of Christ Francisco Meza in Managua (ladies pictured above) for their service as my hosts during my time in Nicaragua.

During the nine days I spent in Managua and San Marcos, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach five classes, present six conferences, and be interviewed on national Nicaraguan television (YouTube video in Spanish, starting ~10:27).

In addition to all of that, I conducted six private sessions with women that wanted to converse in greater depth about the personal trials they are facing. I was able to counsel, encourage, and pray with them.

Over 300 women were equipped, and only God knows how many were reached through the tv interview. Several called or texted during the program and a few have already called afterward asking for more information.

God blessed every aspect of the trip in spite of the extreme heat that greatly affected me physically and the minor complications that always arise with international travel.

What a blessing to serve our Lord in so many ways in so many places!

Greetings to the brothers and sisters in Francisco Meza, José Dolores, La Habana, Grenada, and Almendro (San Marcos).

Equipping Women
There were two women with whom I spent the most time during my visit to Nicaragua. Marjorie (on left in picture below) opened her home to me with her three boys and Eufemia (pictured in middle) accompanied me in every activity.
I would like to share a little of Marjorie and Eufemia’s stories and how God used me to encourage and equip them so that they could, in turn, encourage and equip others.

Since Eufemia (pictured in middle) accompanied me in every activity, she learned a lot in the classes and in our conversation between each of the events.

On Sunday, my last full day in the city, I left immediately after services to head to the airport in order to meet someone who was bringing down more books, given the great need and interest. When I left, I didn’t realize that there was a sister who had wanted to make an appointment to talk with me privately. She reached out to Eufemia to check on my availability and Eufemia explained where I was and offered to help in any way she could.
The ladies began to talk and Eufemia was able to encourage her and give her a copy of the handout from the Women’s Spiritual Health classes I had taught, which include many resources for deepening our relationship with God.

When Eufemia shared this story with me, I was thrilled—not just because Eufemia was able to help the sister after I left, but more because Eufemia felt more equipped and prepared to encourage her after all she had learned during the week.

The conference I gave in Francisco Meza was Victorious and Joyful in Battle. In that conference, I share about depression and discouragement as examples of distressing times that many women face. We then continue in Psalm 20 through the classes and in the development of the theme.

During the conference, I share some of my own personal stories, so afterward, Marjorie (pictured on left in above picture) felt comfortable to share some of her own experience with depression. God is faithful and she can share with victory how God and her family helped her through that difficult time.
But the best part is when we can comfort others with the comfort we have received (2 Cor. 1:3-7).

Saturday, Marjorie accompanied us to San Marcos, a small town outside of the city, for a conference on the same topic: Victorious and Joyful in Battle. After what she had learned and been affirmed in the classes given in her home congregation, she was able to share in more in-depth ways with her small group in San Marcos.

Through her own experience and new understanding, she was able to encourage the sisters there and she got to be the one who answered their questions!

How awesome it is when God allows us to see the immediate fruits of our labor!

Tremendous Thanks!
I am very grateful for the opportunity to share with so many women in Nicaragua, but I am joyful when I see women being equipped to encourage and equip other women—when I see them inspired in their own relationship with God and other sisters.

Thank you for your prayers that accompanied me every step of the way and I ask that you continue to keep me and IRSM in your prayers—that God will give us wisdom to continue to fulfill the calling He has given us to encourage and equip women in their relationships with God and one another.

P.S. Your donations are what have made the growth of IRSM possible and we hope to continue to count on your support and the support of others in the future. Thank you!
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