SCCPTA 4th Quarter News
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President     Katie Burris    
Vice President – Leadership    Beth Karoly
Vice President – Operations     Liz Merrill
Treasurer         Karen Mazzola
Secretary          Polly DeLucia

Message from the President

As the end of the school year approaches, I can look back at the team effort and positive results of SCCPTA in addition to considering changes we may want to make next year in order to continue to build on those results. That is how it is in PTA, our mission does not change; to be a powerful voice for all children, to be a relevant resource for families and communities, and to be a strong advocate for the health and well being of every child, and we continue to advocate! I encourage you all to take a moment to share in the sense of accomplishment as you consider the number of parents, teachers and students whose lives have been touched by your efforts this year. Know that your efforts are appreciated. We appreciate all that you do on behalf of PTA throughout Seminole County! And I encourage you to begin thinking now about how you can work together toward the other goals and objectives you may have to make your school community and your PTA even stronger next year! Remember, we are here to offer our help, support, and guidance.
On behalf of the entire SCCPTA Board, I say thank you for all that you do every day in your school communities!

Katie Burris
SCCPTA President

2016 Leadership Convention
Registration is NOW OPEN for the 2016 Florida PTA Annual Leadership Convention. There are always informative workshops, motivating keynote speakers, and fun programs to explore; this year we will also elect new officers.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to network, collaborate, share, and learn to make your year ahead effective, efficient, and fun; Friday evening, there will also be a Seminole County social event! 

The Leadership Convention will be held July 14-17 at the Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club in Tarpon Springs.  Visit the event website  and do not hesitate to contact SCCPTA if you have any additional questions. Registration fees are $85 per person until June 1, then increase to $105 per person. Hopefully your PTA has budgeted funds for training. We hope to see you there! 
     Making a Smooth Summer Transition!
Below are a few items your unit should work on before the new school year starts.
  • Complete the New and Returning Officers Form at (until this is done, your unit is not recognized as an active unit with Florida PTA or for federal IRS tax exemption purposes)
  • Executive Board appoints an audit committee (not less than three members), and request books to be audited after June 30th and before school starts. (See your unit Bylaws and PTA Treasurers Dollar$& Sen$e Manual for information an official form required for Florida PTA.)
  • The outgoing Treasurer should close financial books on June 30th and prepare for a financial review or audit. Report income to IRS (after the audit and before November 15th). Provide confirmation document from IRS to executive board, and email to Florida PTA.
  • After the audit or annual review, update bank records with new officers as needed. This might include: signature card, mailing location for statements, online account access passwords, etc.
  • Form a budget committee (to draft proposed budget for new school year).
  • President along with at least one other officer should have a joint meeting with Principal to review general protocol items for the new school year such as Objectives for the new school year (i.e., improve communication with _____, involve more volunteers, educate committee chairs, increase family involvement, raise awareness of…..) then prioritize or narrow down objectives as needed. Establish board and general meeting dates, time and locations. Discuss procedures for adding items to the school calendars, website, marquee, and sending forms or fliers home with students. Discuss plans for orientation day, membership drive and beginning of school.
  • Meet with board members to discuss priorities for the year, proposed budget, programs, and clarify roles. Establish Board schedule and procedures.
  • Update and distribute board member list to school and all board members.
  • Attempt to fill any open committee chairs before orientation day.
  • Transfer procedure books and other documents to the new board members including copying computer files and other pertinent information.
**Want to Know More Before the Next Scheduled Training?**
E-Learning Training National PTA has 20 courses online and ready to help train your local leaders. They have also made three courses available in Spanish (Board Basics, Local Unit President and Local Unit Secretary). Visit to access them all.
Health and Safety/ Prevention Coalition Grants 

SCCPTA appreciates its partnership with the Seminole Prevention Coalition in the mini grant program. The Seminole Prevention Coalition mini grant program is designed to assist PTA/PTSAs in providing educational and supportive programs within their schools. The goal of the mini grant program is to enable local PTA/PTSAs to enhance their school community in ways they see fit while providing opportunities for the coalition to increase both awareness and education about effective strategies to prevent underage drinking and drug abuse and maintain overall health and wellness. 

The mini grant application is on the SCCPTA website 

We appreciate and congratulate the following PTAs who utilized these funds this year for programs at their schools: 
  •  Millennium Middle School PTSA‐“the Chosen”
  • Walker Elementary School PTA‐“Red Ribbon Week Activities”
  • Eastbrook Elementary PTA--"Safety Saturday"
  • Spring Lake Elementary PTA--"Bike Rodeo"
     PTA Takes Action! 

Earlier this year, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was replaced with the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) and was signed into federal law. While this new law provides a great opportunity for states to tailor their education systems to the needs of their students, including the needs of students with disabilities, this new level of authority also requires an increased amount of responsibility for states to ensure they close achievement gaps and meet the needs of all students. Beginning Fall 2016, portions of the ESSA will begin to be implemented; however, new state accountability systems will need to be created by states over the next year and will, therefore, not go into effect until the 2017-2018 school year. National PTA, their constituent associations, and advocates across the country will seek to support and empower families to be active participants in the state and local implementation of ESSA to ensure equity and opportunity for all students.
You can learn more by visiting the  the U.S. Department of Education ESA site  and signing up to follow National PTA Take Action Alerts  
SCCPTA is pleased to announce the following students were awarded a $800 scholarship: 
  • Antonio Esposito –Hagerty High School
  • Rollins College, Theater
  • Julie Sparks –Seminole High School
  • Rollins College,  Business
  • Chloe Millich -Oviedo High School
  • University of Florida, Physical Therapy
  • Aiden Juge - Oviedo High School
  • New College of Florida, Psychology
Thank you to all units who generously donated to the SCCPTA Scholarship Fund!
Florida PTA Scholarship Fund
The challenge has been extended and we have accepted! Donating is all for the good cause of helping to send deserving students to college. SCCPTA will be donating to the Florida PTA Scholarship Fund and we invite you to join together for an even larger donation! We will be creating Gift Card baskets for the scholarship fund event at Convention, and welcome donations of any size that we can include. Please contact Katie at before June 30 (when financial books close). 
It's time to make those binders pretty with neat packets of records from each Board and General Meeting. Remember, when in doubt, don't throw it out! Pass the 2015-2016 year records to the new secretary and store past years in a secure location. The Secretary is the custodian of PTA records. Keep a permanent file of all minutes, agendas, reports, the charter, and an approved copy of the local unit Bylaws. 
Contact Polly DeLucia 
Join us for the Think Big, Think PTA—June 30 to July 3, 2016—to connect with over 1,500 of the nation’s most influential leaders in education, as well as other parents and educators in Orlando, Fla.
Don’t miss the opportunity to:
  • Get Big Ideas to use at School and at Home
  • Be Inspired by Big Thinkers
  • Learn new ways to make your PTA Bigger, Bolder and Better
National PTA is the organization that solves the toughest problems and creates valuable tools for schools, families and students. Join the excitement and be a part of the Biggest convention yet!
The Foundation’s Golf “FORE” Education tournament was held at the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes on April 11, and was the most successful ever! This annual event raises unrestricted funds to support SCPS students and teachers, and this year over $70,000 will be distributed through programs such as Grants for Great Ideas, A Gift for Teaching-Seminole, and Backpacks for Success. Thank you to the players, donors, and volunteers! The Foundation for SCPS has had another wonderful year, and has had super support from Seminole County PTA. Many thanks to all the local units and individual members who donated to or volunteered for Foundation-sponsored programs and special events. Arts Alive in Seminole, Golf “FORE” Education, and Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year celebrations are successful because of your help—thank you!
Seminole County Artists are AMAZING! 
Seminole County is proud to have NATIONAL PTA Reflections winners: 
Award of Excellence
Dance Choreography
Special Artist Division * Shanaya Bradwell * Goldsboro Elementary PTA
Film Production
Primary Division * Amber Chu * Galileo School PTA
Primary Division * Piper Pauley * Wekiva Elementary PTA
Award of Merit
High School Division * Hannah Gars * Seminole High School PTSA

Congratulations to these outstanding artists!

We look forward to the 2016-2017 Reflections submissions with the theme, What Is Your Story?
For the treasurer--things to do this summer!

This is a reminder, the financial books close on June 30th and shortly thereafter an audit committee should review all the treasurer books/documents. The committee must be made up of people who are not check signers.The Treasurer's Manual, Dollar$ and $en$e, has the audit form to be used. The treasurer should attend the audit to answer any questions. In order to meet audit compliance requirements in the bylaws, the audit must be presented and adopted at the first General Meeting in the Fall.  To remain in good standing with Florida PTA, please provide the audit by September 30, 2016 to
After the audit is completed the books may be given to your newly elected treasurer.
As soon as you can, along with a current check signer, take the minutes from the General meeting, which  include the results of the election,  to the bank to update bank records, to change signatures, to change passwords, and to complete other necessary tasks. Remember, it is best practice to have three people with the ability to sign checks.

Although they are not due until November 15th, it's also not a bad idea at that point for the outgoing Treasurer to go ahead and file taxes for the year that just ended!  You may obtain more info at the IRS website (  Each PTA must file taxes each year to maintain its IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.Immediately after filing, please forward a copy of the 990N "efiling" receipt; forward a full copy of the 990EZ or 990 long form to:  

Finally, have a budget committee meeting or take a look at your budget compared to the previous year's and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the New budget which must be approved at the new school year's first General Meeting. The Bylaws, as well as state and federal regulations, require a budget. Remember the funds belong to the PTA membership and not the board.
There are many resources under finance at!
Good Luck! 
Karen Mazzola, SCCPTA Treasurer
2016 SCCPTA Award Winners

Top PTA/PTSA Awards
  • Elementary- Wilson Elementary PTA: The school supported state, national and local programs in almost every educational discipline including reading, acceleration, backpack readers, and a Brain Pop Program. They also recognize student positive behavior and wellness.
  • Middle School- no submissions received
  • High School Lake Brantley HS PTSA: This PTSA is busy hosting programs or doing projects like hosting a coffee with counselor’s session where parents and students can ask questions and share info. Also they have a scholarship room were students are given incentives to explore different scholarships
Top PTA/PTSA Program Awards
  • Elementary- Altamonte Elementary School PTA- “License to Learn”: Students were able to navigate through stations that tied back to the teaching strategies for success on the FSA in a fun way!
  • Middle School- Milwee Middle School PTSA- “Hooked on Books”: “Hooked on Books” was used to motivate and engage students from lowest to highest readers. A movie initiative was also used featuring “Mocking Jay, Part Two.”
  • High School- Hagerty High School PTSA- “Student Ambassadors”: As a welcoming committee for new and transferring students, student ambassadors pair with these new students offering tours, and helping with lockers and schedules.
Top Mission of the PTA
  • Elementary- Heathrow Elementary School PTA- “Heathrow Hearts”: Engage families to advocate for all children with our Hearts Program. Families band together with” heart drives” for students in need of school supplies, socks, food, and more.
Top Child Advocacy Efforts
  • Elementary- Heathrow Elementary School PTA- “Buddy Bench”: The Buddy bench is a safe place for a lonely child to reach out for a friend or a connection, decreasing incidences of bullying and increasing self-esteem.
Top Health and Wellness Awards
  • Elementary- Heathrow Elementary PTA- “Mileage Club”: Mileage Club encourages children to jog, run, or walk the bus loop for 40 minutes.
  • Middle School- no submissions received
  • High School- Lake Brantley HS PTSA- “Healthy Food Pantry”: Healthy Food Pantry, for healthy snacks available to those in need.
Top PTA/PTSA Newsletter Awards
  • Elementary- Pine Crest Elementary PTA
  • Middle School- no submissions received
  • High School- Lake Brantley HS PTSA
Top PTA/PTSA Social Media Awards
  • Elementary- Partin Elementary PTA
  • Middle School- Milwee MS PTSA
  • High School- Lake Brantley HS PTSA
Congratulations to these award winning PTAs! 
To learn more about their programs, see “Program Ideas” at
A message from our Exceptional Student Chairperson
We’ve all experienced a situation when we felt like we didn’t belong. Or how about a time when everyone in the class “got it” but you didn’t understand? It probably made you feel sad, anxious and even angry. This is what happens every day to hundreds of children in our school district. These children are our Exceptional Child Students. They don’t learn the same as other children. They need extra help and guidance but they have one thing in common with every child--they want to belong and have friends and they want to learn. Many times these children can “fall through the cracks” and sometimes aren’t getting the help they need. Families struggle and don’t know where to turn; they see the struggle and hear the cries from their children and it’s heartbreaking. YOU can help! PTA is dedicated to help every child. SCCPTA now has an Exceptional Child Committee. We are working in partnership with organizations that can help families and give these children a voice. We would like to encourage you to appoint an Exceptional Child Chair on your PTA. These chairs will work with SCCPTA to help give these families and children the help they need. Every Child, One Voice.

For more information please contact
Michelle Wilson
SCCPTA Exceptional Child Chair
Seminole County Council PTA would like to thank our Fundraising and Program Vendors
1. Wonderland Gifts – 407-302- 0816 (Rick)
2. Buckworm – 855-976- 2827 (Chris)
3. Synergy Oviedo Chiropractor – 407-359- 2757 (Alyssa)
4. KOMPAN Playground – 407-908- 2669 (Ralph)
5. SOS Fundraiser – 321-356- 0003 (Jim)
6. CFE Federal Credit Union – 407-897- 3073 (Katie)
7. Darnell Fundraising Inc. – 407-649- 8011 (TJ)
8. Funds 2 Orgs – 407-930- 2979 (Tom)
9. Usborne Books & More – 970-430- 7834 (Rebecca)
10. Ace Gymnastics – 407-831- 2582 (Dawn)
11. Laser Photo’s Unlimited – 863-409- 9054 (Ben)
12. Fun Services - 561-789- 0069 (Michael)
13. Games 2 U Orlando – 407-792- 5661 (John)
14. School Spirit Vending – 321-945- 0387 (Joshua)
15. Premier Designs Jewelry – 407-679- 2492 (Stefanie)
16. Cherrydale/Cady Fundraising – 800-234- 5561 (Ryan)
17. Educational Products, Inc – 813-298- 0200 (Dana)
18. Riversweet Fundraising/Tumbler Guys – 800-741- 0004 (Alex)
19. Community Based Care of CF – 407-412- 2508 (Kyraneshia)
20. Boosterthon Fun Run – 321-695- 3023 (Scott)
21. Mixed Bag Designs – 813-785- 7120 (Dorrit)
22. Tupperware By Dawn Sephia – 954-873- 7448 (Dawn)
23. 1 st Place Fundraising – 904-292- 2639 (Perry)
24. Kwixar – 407-706- 0086 (Jean)
25. Yankee Candle Fundraising – 407-529- 9152 (Pina)
26. Price Financial – 407-539- 4500 (Cindy)
27) Great American Fundraising – 321-228- 9771 (Mark)
Become a SCCPTA Business Partner
Thank you to our SCCPTA Business Partners!
These business support Seminole County Public Schools through their continued efforts in training, resources and scholarship opportunities for PTA’s, the students, parents and families that they represent throughout the county. We ask our local PTA units and their families to consider these Business Partner's pledge of support and, in turn, support the businesses to continue an alliance between community and education.
1791 E Broadway St
Oviedo, FL 32765
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