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Give The Gift of Discworld This Hogswatch - by Sacharissa CripslockNullus Anxietas V

I'm sorry to incite panic, dear readers, but with Hogswatch only 52 days away today, now is the perfect time to consider gifts for the Disworld fans and wannabe Holy Wood Starlets in your life. There is a fine range of Nullus Anxietas merchandise lately released by Dibbler Holdings (Holdings) Pty Ltd, ideal gifts for the coffee-drinker or clothes-wearer in your life.

Alternatively, this year, you can give the gift of Discworld to that special someone, with our Hogswatch Voucher for an Attending Membership to Nullus Anxietas V.  This is a far superior gift than your standard box of chocolates (even ones in a padded box with kittens on the lid!) and much more forgiving on the waistline.   

The Hogwatch voucher you purchase will be e-mailed to you (the purchaser) to print out and give to the recipient on the day of your choosing (although we would suggest Hogswatch), allowing you the perfect opportunity to see the joy on their faces, and to hear their very grateful "...nk you".

The loved one receiving your gift will only then need to follow the instructions on the voucher, and purchase an Attending Member Ticket using the Hogswatch code provided, then they will have full access to the 3 days of merriment that will be Nullus Anxietas V.


Does this sound like the best Hogswatch present you could ever hope to receive? Take this opportunity to drop a hint from a great height to your friends and family, forward them this email, or tag them in this Facebook Post and keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Hogswatch and HO HO HO.


Dibbler Holdings (Holdings) Pty Ltd are happy to announce an exciting new range of Nullus Anxietas merchandise available now, for a limited time only, while stocks last!

Has the magic of Holy Wood been calling to you and you want to tell the world?

With the purchase of the Nullus Anxietas V T-shirt, you can declare to one and all that you support and love Nullus Anxietas V: The Australian Discworld Convention!

Available in a limited edition of 100, each shirt is individually hand woven from a blend of Ramtop wool and yeti hair* by venerable monks from the mountains of the Hub, which renders them both stylish and long-lasting. Guaranteed to render you irresistible.**

Available in any colour, as long as it's black (with white printing on the front).

Sizing chart - measurement in cm
Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Width 46 51 56 61 66 71 76 81
Length 71 74 76 79 81 84 86 89


* For those allergic to yeti hair or Ramtop wool a cotton shirt will be provided as an alternative.
** Guarantee only applies to Ramtop sheep and yetis.

Alternatively, enjoy your morning cup of Klatchian Rare Roasted in these collectable, limited edition, cups.   In a range of 5 fabulous colours these are the ideal accompaniment to any outfit on the Holy Wood red carpet, or make a perfect gift for that sentient being who already has everything.


To the excitement of all, Events Mistress Tania has released the latest information about the fantastic events available during the three days of Nullus Anxietas V.

Are you eager to take part in an event, or are you feeling brave and organised enough to want to run something yourself? Send through your expression of interest to or volunteer with our Location Mananger Kelly at

The Flashing Blade

An introduction to the art of Foley. Your chance to create a unique soundtrack to a short silent movie.The aim is to perform this live at the XXXX event.


A time honoured Discworld Con favourite. This is a participatory team game that requires not much physical effort, but a lot of concentration. There will be several official sessions through the weekend and we suspect some unofficial ones too!

Wot Duck?

Ramp up the fun factor with Wot Duck? (the Discworld equivalent of Celebrity Heads or Rizla Game). Just turn up and enjoy the hilarity.

Deformed Rabbit

Who would have known that you could have so much fun at night with your hand and a torch? We challenge you to create your own shadow shapes. We will also look for an opportunity for you to share your secret nocturnal activity.

Film Nite

Stars of the Silver Screen will entertain you as we run some golden oldies from Roundworld. Musicals, drama, thrillers etc. Mainly family friendly, but as the night progresses Film Nite MAY turn into FRIGHT NIGHT.

And remember, dear readers, I, Sacharissa Cripslock, will be your faithful correspondent on all "Nullus Anxietas V" news.   To See It Here, First, become a valued subscriber to the Ankh Morpork Times Mailing list.   You can also follow all the news of this upcoming production at  If you have any questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you still have questions after that, you can always "Ask Prue" at
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