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FanGraphs Roundup: Opening Day Edition


It’s Opening Day! Unless you exclusively consume Nationals, Reds, Pirates, or Tigers baseball, you made it. Congratulations, everybody. Surviving the slowest offseason in baseball history is no small feat. As we step into a new season, untarnished by an awaiting reality, it might serve to look at where we were so we can appreciate where we are going. It’s a FanGraphs newsletter roundup, Opening Day edition. See you on the other side.

  1. The Red Sox and J.D. Martinez Still Need Each Other, by Travis Sawchik — It can take even the most meant-to-be couples time to find each other. Maybe they have to work on themselves before the partnership can work. Maybe they need ages for a medical evaluation. Travis saw that Martinez was destined for Boston before the deal was done.

  2. The Padres Must Think That They’re Not Far Away, by Jeff Sullivan — Oh, right. The Padres signed Eric Hosmer for a contract of eight years and $144 million. What a world we live in.

  3. Rob Manfred Might Have Just Made a Mistake, by Sheryl Ring — The fearless leader of MLB did one thing that his years of prestigious schooling taught him not to. Have you ever watched a movie in which the headstrong apprentice goes against the words of his teacher? This is, like, 75% of the way through that movie.

  4. An Interesting and Bad Suggestion for Billy Hamilton, by Travis Sawchik — A suggestion to which Hamilton replied, “This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life.”

  5. What Are the Phillies Waiting For?, by Craig Edwards — Long before impatience begot this article, Craig estimated that the Phillies had the second-most payroll room in free agency. Given how uninterested other teams with big spending potential seemed to be, why shouldn’t the Phillies have taken the opportunity to push up their competitive window completion timeline?

  6. No $200 Million Deal for Jake Arrieta, by Jay Jaffe — The Phillies finally capitalized (er, is there a case between capital and lowercase?) on the “voluntary lollygagging” by most teams around the league, signing Arrieta for less than what he was projected to go for.

  7. Can Major League Baseball Legally Exclude a Woman?, by Sheryl Ring — Many already have their feelings on whether or not the league should, but Sheryl gets her hands dirty concerning the legality of whether or not MLB can.

  8. On Caring for One Another, by Meg Rowley — Reflection is an important part of baseball analysis. What was wrong? What was right? Why? Can it be better in the future? Here, Meg asks for reflection in a different context.

  9. Baseball’s Middle Class Remains Embattled, by Travis Sawchik — For the most part, it was the middle class that was most harmed by our molasses offseason.

  10. Scott Kingery and the Problem of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, by Sheryl Ring — The Phillies were not done turning heads with Arrieta’s signing. They added a rare gem to their jewelry collection in return for an unprecedented contract.


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Excerpt from "It’s Always Different" by Jason Linden

"Baseball is undergoing a shift. We’ve seen it for the last few years: the idea of blowing up a team and taking the time to rebuild. It’s frustrating, especially when the team is really awful for a few years. But there’s something, perhaps, to admire in it. Starting over. When I was a kid, my mom liked to say, 'Sometimes, you have to make a mess to clean a mess.'"

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