House of Mutes Vol. 1 [OF007] // Out June 24th 2014
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Obsolete Future Presents...

House of Mutes Vol. 1 [OF007]

We're back after a short stretch of seasonal inertia with our first cassette compilation: House of Mutes Vol. 1 collects new material from Obsolete Future doyens WWC, Paradise, Dyad & Formant, in addition to a plethora of unearthed tracks from the likes of Denver's Thug Entrancer, Rocky Mountain dub traffickers Freqmodif, Austin frequency-hackers Bodytronix, the Dallas/Ft. Worth electro crew of MKG Systems, Cygnus & Mannequinz, analog-acid from the Bay Area's Headgear and a Dutch ambient oddity from BuzzzuwfarfewwW. 

The tape is packaged in a putridly gorgeous neon-yellow case & specially designed by Kristen Koenig of Pull Trigger. The 15-track collection was compiled in Austin, TX by Conor Walker and mastered as a C44.5 by Jeremy Averitt in Denver, CO. 

The cassette is limited to 150 // Preorder ships Friday June 20th

Track List:
a1. Freqmodif - Mesocyclone
a2. Mannequinz - Shiyan36
a3. The Argus Effect - Anklebiter
a4. MKG Systems - SCR
a5. Thug Entrancer - Resolve
a6. Cygnus - Varaxis Networks
a7. Bodytronix - Live at Switched On (Guy Taylor Edit)

b1. Formant - Fault Creep
b2. Paradise - Doom Rollster
b3. Dyad - Vertical Hold
b4. Hellhole - Shadow Projector
b5. Brown/Ballas - Furious
b6. Headgear - Edit 4
b7. WWC - This Ain't a Hate Thing
b8. BuzzzuwfarfewwW - Morninghaze

Don't be stuck in Purgatorial queue // Preorder your copy!

Your NHK Collector,

Obsolete Future


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