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The summer is off to a great start! We're finalizing hosts for the upcoming IDEAS Network and nine Bloomington organizations have been nominated for Indiana Innovation Awards. We are so excited! Find out all the details below as well as information about the Day of Innovation Conference on September 12. Would you like to go?   Join the Creative Indiana group for a great discounted rate by contacting Nicole O'Neal at


If you are feeling stuck and not sure how to turn things around, distract yourself and feed your creativity at the same time.  I once had a job I loved for five years and then my entire job description reverted back to the worst job I have ever had.  So I immersed myself in the world of antique/vintage clothing in 1988 and it still remains my creative escape and my fun adventure, not to mention another entrepreneurial endeavor.   I spent that year feeding my creativity by displaying, marketing and hunting up new antique clothing items which kept me positive and looking forward until I eventually found the exact job I was looking for and loved.  You can't move forward if all of your creative energy is eaten up just surviving.  How are you feeding your creativity? 


IDEAS Network will be a fun way to Initiate, Develop, Evaluate, Activate and Sustain ideas. Whether you are seeking innovation or want to be part of the process, this network promises to give you new insights and skills.  See our web page for more detailed information and watch our facebook page  for locations and dates as they evolve.  

We are lining up some great venues for our 
IDEAS Networks this fall. These networks build understanding, appreciation and expertise in creative thinking and process and are dedicated to creating a ‘space’ for identifying common opportunities and solving challenges.

 We are still seeking more organizations to host or sponsor events. Both benefit by exposure as champions for innovation and gaining new ideas and insights for their organization. To become an IDEAS Network host/sponsor e-mail Ladi Terry or call 812-219-4493.


Officially announcing the 2013 Day of Innovation Conference! This exciting one-day event allows innovation leaders and practitioners from all backgrounds to converge and learn from a diverse group of experts. It takes place September 12 at historic Hilbert Circle Theater in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Featured Presenters: In addition to the above lineup, Purdue University President, Mitch Daniels, will be presenting the conference's keynote session. This is a lineup you do not want to miss! Join the Creative Indiana group for a great discounted fee by contacting Nicole O'Neal at


The following organizations from Bloomington were nominated for the Indiana Innovation Awards:

Bloomington Playwright Project, Middle Way House, Cardinal Stage Company, Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale, Bloomington Print Collective, Bloomington Pedal Power, The Venue,  SPEA Creative Thinking Techniques for Arts Administration and 39° North.


Here in Bloomington we are surrounded by innovative products and practices and the arts. Even though innovation and creativity are household terms there still isn't a good understanding of the creative process it takes to get you there. I don't know about you, but I am no Mozart or Einstein. Some are just born an inventor, renowned scientist, artist, performer, business guru or financial wizard. Thankfully the rest of us can learn from the creative thinking steps that these highly successful individuals use to arrive at innovation. Once you have learned these steps they can be easily replicated and applied to your own professional and personal everyday challenges (Read More)

Founder, Ladi Terry

Creative Indiana

 Creative Indiana’s  mission is to “Unleash the Power of Creativity in Community, Education and Business through Programming, Training and Dialogue.” Since its founding in 2011, the organization has hosted events, workshops, and seminars.

Upcoming Events

Verge Bloomington is for entrepreneurs, software developers, and business investors who are making things happen.
Next meeting August 8  5:30 pm Register Today

Makevention 2013 - August 24  If you'd like to see creativity in action, be sure to visit the Makevention event at the Bloomington/ Monroe County Convention Center and stop by the Creative Indiana table. This event is put on by Bloominglabs and will feature local and regional makers of all kinds showing off the things they've made. Bloominglabs was one of our premiere partners for World Creativity & Innovation Week (Bloomington) back in April. For more information about Makevention please visit


One of the easiest and most versatile tools in my creativity toolbox is "Picture Connection".  When you are stuck on a challenge, at a loss for a starting point in a project, in the midst of a brainstorm going nowhere or simply feeling low in creative energy, pick up a magazine and browse for provocative pictures that get your attention.  Even if you don't have pictures, any item will do.  Find a worksheet on how to use this tool on my website  

NCN believes that by fostering creativity in our society as a whole, and specifically with future generations, America can remain a leader in innovation and free enterprise. Check out the NCN "Articles of Interest" and in particular "Why We Desire, But Don't Promote, Creative Leaders".
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