IDEAS Network launches October 8, Creative Indiana at Makevention, the Indiana Innovation Awards, and upcoming innovation events in our area...
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Unleash the Power of Creativity!

New events & updates

Creative Indiana is proud to announce that Studio Cypher, one of our nominees for the Indiana Innovation Awards, was a winner!  See their story and details for the upcoming IDEAS Network on October 8.

Bloomington based Studio Cypher won an Indiana Innovation Award for their Stickers in Public project, "a unique way of making people's lives more playful through games that can be posted anywhere."  The award was presented at the the third annual Indiana Innovation Awards hosted by Indianapolis "innovation network" Centric during its Day of Innovation conference in Indianapolis on September 12th.

Recently I had a chance to talk with Ian Pottmeyer and Nathan Mishler of Studio Cypher about the award and the path that led them to their success. The company started with a group of graduate students producing alternate reality games and has since moved to interactive video type games, exhibits and traveling shows. There most recent work was with the Children's National Medical Center out of Washington D.C., making games that encourage children to do physical therapy.  In fact, you might find their games "in the most weird and unusual places" they remarked. (Read More)


Try re-inventing yourself in a new town, in a new state and in a less-than-conventional field all at the same time! Add to that no household income since both my spouse and I moved to Bloomington, Indiana without jobs, but with lots of hopes and dreams for the future. Our slate was clean and we were sure we could build a new life here. I hardly stopped to mourn my job loss but immediately jumped into building tomorrow's future. Here is how I made my way to that newer version of me using creative thinking skills. (Read More)


Creative Indiana is partnering with THE VENUE in downtown Bloomington to launch our fall I.D.E.A.S. NETWORK eventThe purpose of the network is to bring together creativity seekers and innovation enthusiasts. Guests will include advocates for creativity and innovation and is open to anyone tired of the same old ineffective answers in business, education, community or personal challenges. If you want to participate from the audience by identifying a challenge that you are facing, contact Ladi Terry at 812-219-4493 or Watch our Facebook Page for future IDEAS network locations and dates.

IDEAS Networks will be a fun way to Initiate, Develop, Evaluate, Activate and Sustain ideas. Whether you are seeking innovation or want to be part of the process, this network aims to give you new insights and skills.

Date:  October 8, 2013
Time:  5:30pm – 7:30
Location: 114 Grant St. Bloomington 47408
Free & open to the public; Refreshments served

These networks build understanding, appreciation and expertise in creative thinking and process and are dedicated to creating a ‘space’ for identifying common opportunities and solving challenges.  So bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and community spirit as we look for ways to unleash the power of creativity.


This exciting one-day event publicized that it was "bringing together innovation leaders and practitioners from all backgrounds to converge and learn from a diverse group of experts." It certainly did that and more!  As an innovation consultant and creativity professional, I have presented at and attended lots of conferences focused on this topic. What I liked best about this conference was that I heard from experts in large and small organizations in Indiana who were actually practicing the very concepts and principles that professionals in the field of creativity promote. I left feeling highly validated that the creative thinking that I teach is becoming more mainstream thinking... (Read More)


This year’s Makevention was an extraordinary day of curiosity, creativity, and never-ending possibilities. From presenters and makers, to visitors and supporters, everyone seemed to have a wide-eyed wonder covering their faces in the best way possible... (Read More)


The Fishbone Tool is helpful for healthy, purposeful disruption when you get lost in the problem.  It's designed to help people think strategically by breaking a problem situation down into manageable parts. Give it a try!
Founder, Ladi Terry

Creative Indiana

 Creative Indiana’s  mission is to “Unleash the Power of Creativity in Community, Education and Business through Programming, Training and Dialog.” 

On October 1, 2013: Visit check out the new book 21 Days to Success through Networking by Ron Sukenick to qualify for a complimentary coaching session so you can apply creative thinking to both your challenges and aspirations. That’s right, for just checking out this new book, you can schedule a 30 min phone or SKYPE session with me!  See the details here

Upcoming Events

October 1 (10am-5pm)
Innovative Leadership Institute
Monroe County Convention Center

October 8 (5:30-7:30pm)
IDEAS Network
The Venue
 RSVP 812-339-4200

Recurring Events & Groups

Bloominglabs is Indiana's first hackerspace and is open to the public on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm until 10 pm.

Centric in Indianapolis holds monthly luncheon meetings focused on showcasing innovation.


Verge Bloomington monthly meeting on 2nd Thursday,  for entrepreneurs, software developers, and business investors who are making things happen Register


Ignite Bloomington is all about learning from the people in your community and getting more connected with the world around us


NCN believes that by fostering creativity in our society as a whole, and specifically with future generations, America can remain a leader in innovation and free enterprise. Check out the NCN Articles of Interest


" When you are always trying to conform to the norm, you lose your uniqueness, which can be the foundation for your greatness."  Dale Archer, author & psychiatrist.
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