Join Creative Indiana on MeetUp! IDEAS Network continues on Nov. 11 at MCPL.
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New events & updates

Creative Indiana is now on Meetup! If you would love to participate in a community conversation about innovation, creativity, and ideas, join our Meetup group. Our next Meetup is on November 11 for I.D.E.A.S Network!

Creative Indiana thanks The Venue Fine Art & Gifts for hosting our very first IDEAS Network! Dave Coleman, co-owner of The Venue with son Gabe, had this to say about the experience and outcome:

  “Thank you for the write-up and review of the Creative Indiana event at The Venue. The analysis and suggestions/recommendations which resulted are impressive indeed. I know they will be invaluable to The Venue in the immediate and the long term. The process and products were great. Thanks again.”

For more details on the challenge brought forth by The Venue and our creative process and results, please read our blog!


Continuing our momentum from the last meetup, the next IDEAS Network will be on Monday, November 11th at 5:30PM at the Monroe County Public Library. Whether you came to last month's event or are planning to attend for the first time, expect an evening filled with communication, collaboration, and fresh perspectives. Creativity seekers and innovation enthusiasts can now network while discovering ways to unlock their own inventiveness.  IDEAS Network is a fun way to collaborate with individuals or organizations seeking to Initiate, Develop, Evaluate, Activate or Sustain ideas. Attendees will get the chance to use powerful creative thinking tools to help our Event Partner generate ideas or solutions for a current challenge. Interested in being an Event Partner? Event partners can be individuals, a non-profit or business seeking new ideas and unique solutions; just bring your challenge along to the meeting to schedule yourself as Event Partners. 

Time:  5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Monroe County Public Library, RM 1C
303 E. Kirkwood Ave Bloomington, IN 47408

Free & open to the public; Refreshments served


The early history of man speaks to the now-proven fact that all humans are creative.  It is how early man survived and thrived in the "survival of the fittest" world.  Now, more than ever, our survival depends on our ability to intentionally use our creativity. It was not until the 1950’s that research began to answer questions such as: how we are each creative, how can we build our creative thinking skills and what processes work best and when.

Research now shows that professional and personal success depends on the skill level of individuals to: define the real issue/problems, create a new vision and the steps needed to get there, generate unique and useful ideas, identify criteria for choosing the best ideas and put in place the integral steps needed to successfully achieve their goal.(Read More)


How many times have you been in a group brainstorm that did not get the best results?  Unfortunately Brainstorming has recently gotten a bad rap when the real fault is how it is introduced. This is one of the oldest creative thinking tools or techniques that gets great results but only if it is used correctly. First, use it when you are seeking unique and novel ideas that are useful.  Second, follow the Brainstorming Rules and finally, let the process go on long enough so you get to ideas that are groundbreaking, different from other approaches or ones already in play. True Brainstorming is not identifying best practices of others seeking the same goal unless it takes that concept and transforms it to meet the specific needs of your organization or challenge.  So next time you find yourself in a brainstorming session, make sure they are playing by the rules!
Founder, Ladi Terry

Creative Indiana

 Creative Indiana’s  mission is to “Unleash the Power of Creativity in Community, Education and Business through Programming, Training and Dialog.” 

Upcoming Events

November 11 (5:30PM)
Monroe County Public Library, Rm. 1C
303 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN

November 15-17
City Hall-Showers Building
401 N. Morton Street, Bloomington, IN

Creative Oklahoma
November 19
Recurring Events & Groups

Bloominglabs is Indiana's first hackerspace and is open to the public on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm until 10 pm.

Centric in Indianapolis holds monthly luncheon meetings focused on showcasing innovation.


Verge Bloomington monthly meeting on 2nd Thursday,  for entrepreneurs, software developers, and business investors who are making things happen Register

Ignite Bloomington is all about learning from the people in your community and getting more connected with the world around us


NCN believes that by fostering creativity in our society as a whole, and specifically with future generations, America can remain a leader in innovation and free enterprise. Check out the NCN Articles of Interest

Brainstorming Video:  Draw an Idea (Video)

Quote:  "there are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
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