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June 2014 Newsletter


01) Nine UC Berkeley Graduate Students Awarded 2014 Summer Research Grants in Religion
02) Professors Niklaus Largier and David Marno to Receive BCSR Project Development Group Grant
03) New BCSR Program Supports Graduate Student Events
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BCSR’s monthly newsletters will resume circulation at the start of the Fall semester. Have a good summer!

01) Nine UC Berkeley Graduate Students Awarded 2014 Summer Research Grants in Religion
BCSR announces nine recipients of the 2014 Graduate Student Summer Research Grants in Religion. Thirty promising proposals were received from an open call to UC Berkeley graduate students with over $40,000 in funding distributed. The selected projects address a wide range of issues and topics in religion including relationships of religion to media and politics, under-seen global or early religious communities, and religious doctrine and law. The awardees are:
Lauren Bausch (South and Southeast Asian Studies), Erik Born (German), Graham Hill (Sociology), Nicholas Junkerman (English), Jean-Michel Landry (Anthropology), Christopher Mead (English), Samuel Robinson (History), Tehila Sasson (History), and Kris Trujillo (Rhetoric).
“Berkeley has some of the most creative minds in the world at work in the study of religion and ethics. The projects submitted for consideration for our summer research grant were absolutely stellar, and testify to the broad range of creative work in religion and ethics ongoing on the campus. Grant recipients will be at work on a huge variety of topics, bringing their own disciplinary strengths to bear on subjects of urgent importance, past and present. The center is proud to sponsor such excellence and rigor.” – BCSR Co-Directors Mark Csikszentmihalyi and Jonathan Sheehan
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02) Professors Niklaus Largier and David Marno to Receive BCSR Project Development Group Grant
The 2014 Faculty Project Development Group (PDG) Grant has been awarded to Professors Niklaus Largier (German and Comparative Literature) and David Marno (English) for their collaborative project, Poetics of Prayer. The goal of the project is to develop a rhetoric and poetics of prayer from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century in tandem with prayer’s echoes in early modern and modern literature. The funds will support research, workshops, monthly meetings, and visiting speakers.
BCSR PDGs provide venues for small groups of UC Berkeley faculty to begin collaboration on larger-scale projects related to the study of religion. Large-scale collaboration in the humanities and the social sciences is often prohibitively difficult both to organize and to fund. The PDG program seeks to ease these difficulties by providing a congenial framework for intellectual exploration, as well as support for grant writing initiatives.

03) New BCSR Program Supports Graduate Student Events
BCSR Student Event Grants help fund UC Berkeley graduate student events on topics in religion. Grants provide partial support for lectures, performances, symposia and conferences and range from $250 to $1,000. The next deadline for applications for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 is September 8, 2014. Guidelines are available at
Recently, BCSR Faculty selected “Leaps of Faith: Figurations of Belief in Literature and Critical Thought” to receive $500 for a two-day conference organized by graduate students in Comparative Literature. The conference is scheduled for November 21 and 22, 2014 and features panels on concepts of faith and hermeneutical practice, faith and agency, the ordinary and the extraordinary, and faith and aesthetics. Hent de Vries, Director of the Humanities Center at John Hopkins University, is the keynote speaker.

By connecting scholars, students, and the global community, the Berkeley Center for the Study of Religion (BCSR) fosters critical and creative scholarship on religion and activates this scholarship for students and the public at large.

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